My Videos Don't Work {HELP}

by Lee McKenna Banned
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Hi everyone,

So today I've looked at my site and all my videos have stopped working.

Please watch this video and if you can suggest anything I can use please post it below.

Thanks in advance...

video - leemckenna's library

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    Hi Lee,

    The best solution I can suggest is contact your hosting company. Whenever I have a problem, they are the one I contact right away and they always fix it for me.
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    First step is to refresh your browser history and cache and/or test a different browser.
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      yes done all that. Like I said in the video it looks like the old Easy Video Player has been shut down because they now have Easy Video Suite.

      And like I said in the video this happening maybe a good thing because before my videos did not play on mobiles or iPads.

      This is my chance to change that. But which company do I use that will be safe? I can't use YouTube because we all know what happens with them. You can get your account shut down over night for someone flagging your videos.

      I've been using Vimeo but again I don't know if its safe? Can the same happen with them?

      And I could use Easy Video Suite but in order for the videos to play on mobile you need to use Amazon S3 and I don't like the idea of paying every time someone views my videos.

      So what can I use thats safe and will play on a mobile?

      Please help

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        Hi Lee,

        How about having more than one account, one public with any marketing videos you want to be visable, shared and ranked, etc and one private one with the videos that you embed? And for any videos that you use for both embedding and sharing then maybe just create two copies of the video, one for public and one private one for embedding?

        The reason I say this is that the videos that are more likely to be flagged are those that are publicly viewable, so even if an account with publicly viewable videos gets closed, unless all your accounts get shut down at the same time, you'll still have the one with your private videos unaffected.

        Unfortunately, I don't know if all that's even possible with Vimeo as I don't have much experience with them. You could certainly do it with YouTube, but if one account gets flagged and closed then I suppose the question is, how likely would it be that all your accounts could be closed? I really don't know.

        Sorry I can't offer a more ideal solution, but it's another idea that you can maybe throw into the mix. :-)
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