Buy button code stopped working for my wso.

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I added the buy button code for my wso last night.
It was the code given by ejunkie.

I even received a few sales last night.
But when I checked the wso page this morning,
the buy button isn't showing anymore.
It's just a bunch of code that I see on the page.

Is it because my wso has now reached the 3rd page.
I am not sure but is there a rule, that buy buttons have to be removed after it reaches the 3rd page.
Do i need to bump my wso to make the code work again?

I am very confused.
Can you take a look at it and tell me how to correct it now?
I can assure you I could see the buy buttons and I was receiving sales till last night
and suddenly it doesnt show up any more.
The link is in my signature.


Edit: I want to add that there are 2 buy button codes in there at the moment.
When one was not working, I added in another one
to see if it works or not.
but both of them aren't working anymore.
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    Hello Faraz,

    I just fixed your order buttons. Please do not use HTML code as HTML is not supported.


    Graphics Design, Development and Webmaster Services

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    It's working!!
    Thank you so much.
    I am amazed
    How did you do that?
    Are you a moderator or something?

    Well, I was also trying out the strikethrough code to show how many spots are left.
    for example, I strike out the 20 and show 18 spots .
    what code should I use for that?
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    Hello Faraz,

    yes, I am a mod and care about the WSO section and the support.

    The strikethrough tag is not supported. You can best create a graphic.


    Graphics Design, Development and Webmaster Services

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    • Well done ecoverdesign!

      Just in case anyone is wondering:

      NO you don't need to remove the 'Buy' button when the WSO drops to page three.

      And - if your buy button isn't working - don't bump it back to page one, because that won't make it work and you'll waste money advertising something folks can't buy.

      Warmest regards,

      If you want to learn the dark arts of copywriting to increase sales or set up a prestige business
      as a copywriter then click here. Or if you want it all done for you then click here.
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    Ah. well.
    I was using the strikethrough code last night.
    Maybe that's what caused all this trouble.

    I dont think a graphic is gonna do it,
    because I want to keep changing it to show the number of spots left.
    I guess I'll leave out the strike through
    and just put in the number of spots left.

    Anyways, thanks a lot.
    You were very very helpful.

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    Thanks Paul
    I was wondering the same thing
    before Thomas helped me out.
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