Virus found on my site!

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Recently, one of my websites is found to be infected with malware.

Is there any solution to remove the virus from my website?

I am looking for cheap and efficient way of doing it.
I saw a website offering $189 per year to maintain my site, which i think it is quite expensive.
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    If you use Hostgator contact customer service, they clean the site for you, usually they change the password also and then send you a new one.
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    As Yadira suggested, you should contact your hosting company's support about it and only if they can't help you, you should consider a third party service. It happened to me once and the support took care of it quickly.
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    Your hosting company usually can "clean" your website if it has viruses or it is infected with malware.

    If after you contacted them and they don't do this, I would hire someone professional to "clean" it.

    If you are a member of Elance, you can post this "job" and get some people to bid on it.
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    It can be a lot of reason, mostly it is caused by your host, so contact your host.
    This is why it is important to get a reliable and well known hosting so their servers are also more secure.
    it also may be your ads must have contain viruses thats y your site is labelled as spam with virus. It happened to me when i used clicksor popups. Some people reported me about it. I removed that instantly.
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    What kind of website do you have? Is it powered by some free PHP script like WordPress, SMF, phpBB...? In such case you need to update your scripts regularly. Time to time some security hole appears and the developers usually fix it quickly.

    Also, I would not use a service which charges $189 per year. I have no idea what exactly they do but it sounds like they only do the script updates which is nothing difficult and it does not require too much time.
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    How was the virus/malware found?

    Who informed you it was there? Hosting? Google?

    When was the last time you backed up your site?

    The best way to get rid of Malware on a website is to delete the whole site and upload a clean version of it. Once you have the clean version up and running, make sure you update all of your scripts.

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    I would also suggest, contact the hosting provider first and get it removed.
    Secondly have regular update of scripts or other plugins to keep all safe.
    Regularly change the Login information's also.
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    First of all you need to contact to the Hosting company, they will give you good solution. if they are not able to solve this problem, they will refer to third party.
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    Thank you so much for your help I am going to get in touch with my hosting company which is hostgator and see what they say it is a wordpress which I am using what is happening is when you go to my domain instead of seeing the web page you are seeing a blank poage saying you have been attacked.

    Once I have been in touched with hostgator I will let you know what they say.

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      2 years back this happen to me with my hosting company webhostingpad, I had one site affected by malware, and they shutdown and suspended my whole cpanel account, when I discover and try to bring my account back, it was really hard for 1 week to get it back. once I got my account back, I just moved and transfered my whole account to Hostgator....

      The soon you discover your malware the better, just create a support ticket with hostgator, they are very helpfull and can clean your site.

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    Hostgator is very friendly and FAST You must ask the as soon as possible!

    We handle all your WordPress Content,Theme and Plugins updates!

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