Questions On Email Marketing Strategy Process

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Hi all,

I am very noob when it comes to email marketing and I need some advice from experienced email marketers.

My situation:

I am building a website for ppc campaigns traffic.

On the homepage is essentially a video offering a free mini training series if they like that they see and submit their name and email. They will be added to List 1 .

And from List 1, they will receive 4 emails (one a day) with links to video 1 - 4 . On the last email's video page, they will be asked if they wish to be contacted by our chief trainer. And that will be an opt in form again for List 2 (interested in phone call), where they will input their telephone number.

Now my question is, is there an email marketing service out there, that will automatically delete person X's email address from List 1 when they submit their (same) email address onto List 2?

I know I can do it manually, but ideally would like this process to be automated.

So is there such a function at any email marketing services out there?

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