Fiverr is it just full or crap?

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I've used fiverr a few times usually to test swipes and offers because its cheap, is there really any good sellers on there for marketing online?
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    I've actually sold a boatload of gigs on Fiverr haha. (I'm a level 2 seller there).

    I've offered crazy value, and I've had a ton of repeat customers. (I've even had people literally "track me down" and find me and request more of my services via email etc).

    Naturally I always stand behind the quality of my work too.

    So my answer?

    Some people provide quality stuff there believe it or not.
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      I use the backlink gigs a ton.

      I've run into a few gigs I won't be returning to, because yea, you pay for what you get...

      And then there's the awesome 'half-naked dancing person singing happy birthday' gig...

      That you just can't resists ordering and posting on someone's FB page
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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      I've actually sold a boatload of gigs on Fiverr haha. (I'm a level 2 seller there).

      I've offered crazy value, and I've had a ton of repeat customers. (I've even had people literally "track me down" and find me and request more of my services via email etc).

      Naturally I always stand behind the quality of my work too.

      So my answer?

      Some people provide quality stuff there believe it or not.
      Hey Sarevok,

      What service do you provide please send details to

      Regards Ian
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      what is your fiverr username please? Please if you would,..send the answer to

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      What is your fiverr username? I weant to check out your gigs,..sarevok!
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    There really are some quality providers there, or at least there were back before it became "Fiverr 2.0"

    I bought an amazing bookmarking package, and shortly after the seller closed shop, probably due to the low price.

    Fiverr also attracts lot of frivolous negative reviews, it's troublesome.
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    I personally prefer SEOClerks because I'm into Social media & SEO related services and Fiverr just doesn't feel like the right place for that kind of stuff, as a buyer, at least not for me. However, there's Huge Potential and you'll have to dig around for a while until you find something awesome. When you do, stick to it!


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    Yessir, I personally have had good luck with fiverr. It has been a pretty good site for outsourcing and I will use it again in the future for different things.

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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    I've had great luck with the Fiverr gigs I've purchased. The key is to pick your sellers carefully. Fiverr is like any other freelance market: there will be a lot of crap, but a lot of gems too.
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    Fiverr has been really good to me. Either for selling and making a really nice income or outsourcing micro jobs for really cheap. The buyer requests is a great section to find people to do work that is otherwise not listed.
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Fiverr is a gamble.
      Not really. Fiverr provides buyers with relevant filters so you can actually weed out the legit gigs from the deadwood!
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        Just do your homework, read all the feeback and then you will be in a position to make an informed decision. Fiverr can be very good if you carry out all your checks first.
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    Yeah like people already said, fiverr can be good if you look carefully and read all the feeback etc. You can find some very good gigs there.
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      Doesn't matter if you're spending $5 or $5000 on a service. Do your due diligence and research the seller.

      It's the only way to get value for money.

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        It depends on the seller. There are some that provide good quality services and there are some that are just crap. You have to read all the reviews and make your own assessment. But personally I find Fiverr is not as cheap as it is marketed. I can find services on oDesk or Elance that costs way less than what is offered on Fiverr and still get good quality service.

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    You can find some good gigs on fiverr but you will need to carry good search on them.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    there are many fiverr gigs that uses good really costy softwares and using them for 5$ is really good!
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    Originally Posted by Irn7997 View Post

    I've used fiverr a few times usually to test swipes and offers because its cheap, is there really any good sellers on there for marketing online?
    Why do you feel the need to ask such a question ?

    If that is how you feel about Fiverr, why do you want to be there ?

    I am curious !!!
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    Fiverr on balance is useful for finding good low cost gigs for marketing or other purposes. The key is the low base cost ($5), meaning if a gig doesn't work out, it's a small expense to move on from to find a good gig. That sure beats spending hundreds or thousands on a provider who doesn't work out. People who set out to do business in IM who can't stand losing a single dollar testing out resources, are not really ready to handle the risks and reasonable costs of doing business.
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      There is good and bad on fiver.

      I've experienced good, overwhelmingly.

      I have a couple of services that I need regularly and after finding the best provider for that service on fiverr, I stuck with them.

      I have one provider that I met on fiverr and I pay him directly through email now for services. He lives in Asia and makes his living providing services online, mainly through fiverr.

      He said that $500 (us dollars) per month for him would make his living very comfortable, but he makes about $100 (us dollars) and that's good enough, low, but sufficient for his needs.

      I'm in america and that's not enough to live anywhere here, except on the street!

      This guy responds to me fast. He does great work. He sometimes does things for me without asking for money....but, I pay him for everything he does.

      This is why I contact him and pay him outside of he gets his money immediately and without the fiverr fee. A dollar or two means alot more to someone with that income as opposed to mine.

      There are some real gems on fiverr.
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    Once you find a fiverr gig you need to keep going back to them, there are some good ones out there and usually the buyer likes repeat business.
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    I'm not sure about the others, but I personally deliver quality in 95% of my orders. Good ratings, and happy customers increase my earnings by a mile.
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    Have spent few hundred dollars. I found some good designers/writers and some totally crap/amature providers too.

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    I have said this before and I will say it again. Well, some one needs to create a brand new WSO called - The 500 best gigs on FIVERR for only a fiver - yes. That would be a great seller for sure. Let us all nominate some awesome gigs.
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    I use Fiver a lot, have some steady people I use and it works out great for me.

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    With fiverr you really have to be luck and also it depends on the service you are buying.

    1. I have ordered script writing and it was superb.

    2. Got some videos made but not all were good but a particular thriller video made by one lady was exceptional.

    3. I have tried their logo, banner design and they are nothing to write home about.

    Sometimes you would need to spend more than $5 finding the right person and sometimes it might never come too.

    However, not everything is trash in there.
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    I will use fiverr for Youtube video rankings sometimes. Just depends on how difficult the keyword is that I am trying to rank. If you filter out the sellers by ratings you can find some solid people on fiverr to work for you.
    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
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    It's a great source for writing work, graphics, and research. It is a lousy place for SEO or traffic.

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    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    I have to say from my own experience, the older the site gets, the crappier it gets. When I first started using it, it was pretty good. For five bucks you could get decent seo work done backlinks, cool cover art. Now everyone and their mother are using automated software to get the work done. very hit or miss as of late. The actual gigs are losing traction because all of the upselling so the actual work you get for five bucks is nothing like it used to be.

    Don't Dream It, Be It.

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    So far my experiences with Fiverr have been good ones. Mine comes from website work. I'm good at computer networking, not website building and graphic design. So i outsource there.

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    Fiverr is both great and awful, depending on what you're looking to buy.

    There are a heap of good SEO related services and also logo/design services that could be sold for a fair bit more than $5 that are great value, but if you're looking to buy things like solo ad's then I would definitely not use Fiverr.
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    Just like anything, adjust your expectations for what you are paying for. There is some really great value there, but make sure you understand how much you are spending and what you are actually paying for.
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    Thanks for the replies
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    • Profile picture of the author Daniel Evans
      "Fiverr" isn't bad.

      "Fiverr" isn't good.

      "Fiverr" isn't a "gamble".

      "Fiverr" isn't "You get what you pay for.

      Quality Fiverr sellers on the other hand, are found and entrusted through a process of trial and error. Once you've realized and overcome this simple factor Fiverr shines in its value for many services.
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    Fiverr is not perfect, but it's a great place to start selling reseller content. You can give buyers access to a download link. However, it's also good for offering services as long as you don't charge to little for what you do.

    Boost Software teamed up with Neverblue. They helped produce this new affiliate video.

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    • Profile picture of the author Shadowflux
      Fiverr can be a great resource. I've had a lot of success with it in the past. I know that people who ordered my gigs got a great value and received work that cost a fraction of what I'd usually charge.

      Here are some suggestions that might help:

      • Check the amount of work this person is doing. If they're far too busy then they won't be able to dedicate enough time to your gig.
      • Look for people who might be new or are not yet established. These people will often go beyond what a popular seller might do because they need to prove themselves.
      • Keep an eye out for people who do the work themselves. Some people use Fiverr to make money and then they outsource the work.
      • Feel free to send them a message and ask a question. A personal response, especially a quick response, tells you that you're dealing with a real person who will be concerned with the quality of the work they do.
      • Consider checking out a Fiverr clone site. There are tons of other sites just like Fiverr. Some of them actually focus on slightly more money, such as $10 or $20 per gig, and you might get better work from these sites.

      You can't expect too much from Fiverr. The people who purchased my gigs were actually very lucky because I wasn't doing it to make a lot of money (although I did make a bunch). I was doing it just to see if I could "Win the Fiverr game".

      If you ask me, I won, although I admit there was no criteria for this.
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      Dangerously Effective
      Always Discreet
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    Fiverr is BS I tried selling gigd and got maybe 1 or 2 sales every few months.
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  • Profile picture of the author Leon Zykos
    I have been using Fiverr for most of my internet marketing needs. So, yeah you can definitely make a pretty good living on Fiverr provided what you offer are in demand and you serve up your side of the deal.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Profile picture of the author st0nec0ld
    To answer your question, I think it depends on the person you are dealing with. Some gives quality services, some don't.

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  • Profile picture of the author Geri Richmond
    I've had good luck with Fiverr. I've had e book covers made, keyword research done and video transcriptions and all were excellent. Always look at the seller's rating and what their customers had to say about their service. It's not perfect but, nothing is perfect!
    Good luck with your Fiverr quest. I always ask them questions before I hire them. It's better to ask, then to be sorry you didn't ask. You need to be specific with your questions, so think about what you want done.
    Hope to help!
    Geri Richmond
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  • Profile picture of the author Vickcarty
    There is no doubt that Fiverr is a rela help if you are in IM but you got to be carefull while selectng the right vendow.

    I normally choose the one with 100% success history.

    Take care!
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  • Profile picture of the author bostjan33
    Fiverr for IMs is great, if you're one of them. But if you're a potential buyer of IM gigs, you'll only lose every single buck, but get absolutely nothing. Trust me on this one.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jimbrown123
    In Fiverr, you can't expect more work just for $5. I bought so many gigs here and found some were superb and some bad. for example,once i ordered website transfer and the seller did it in just $5 without any hassle. if you go for website transfer in an open market $5 will be your paypal transaction fee or something.
    so overall, fiverr is good at all.
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    Hi, i would like to share my experience with Fiverr... I started there since they launch the website, and had a few services. I bought the first gig that appeard in the search, with targeted traffic, and pointed to my gigs. Lucky or not i had 35 sales in 1st week (maybe is not much but worth working for)... I also bought other gigs and have 100% success. The key here in my opinion is to do some research (reviews, negatives, works, time, compare) etc. It takes a little more time but it pays the price. (sorry for my english).
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  • Profile picture of the author razzel
    fiverr is one of the easiest way to outsource work, you just have to find the right gigs.
    try looking in the gig reviews and see what people say on the work.
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  • Profile picture of the author Supermoves
    Hell no, it's not full of crap! I probably pay $200 per month in Fiverr gigs. Its my new favorite site actually. You just have to accept that sometimes its going to take you 2 or 3 gigs to get what you want.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeffery Moss
    You just have to rely on buyer reviews to tell you whether or not the seller you want to work with is actually going to deliver quality. Other than that, sometimes all you can do is simply try a seller to see what type of service they are offering. You won't really know until then.
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  • Profile picture of the author MattBrighton
    I started off on fiverr doing graphic design - banners and headers, I felt I offered amazing service with great skill for the price. I was one of the top rated sellers and was making 3 figure days - which for graphic design was a lot of orders as everything was custom and unique. It took time.

    Some gigs you find are amazing value and deliver great stuff, however things like SEO I think are pretty much crap that isn't effective and doesn't work.
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    Hi Guys,

    For me Fiveer is a Great Time saving tool, I use it by purchasing gigs that save me so much time so then I can focus on the more important aspects of being an internet marketer. I strongly recommend it however use your common sense when it comes to traffic Gigs since they are Mostly Bots!

    I hope this helps Warriors.
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  • On Fiverr, apart a seller who delivered me a mispelled version of a log I ordered (and didn't wanted to change it), all the rest was delivered in a great way. Check the feedbacks, and go with people with a lot of good votes, and you won't get disappointed. It's what I did.

    And by my side, until a year ago I sold many services there, all with 100% good feedbacks, giving my best to make customers happy

    So there's even good and acknowledged people working on Fiverr!

    See you soon,
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