SeCockpit Keyword Research Tool....makes some pretty bold claims. Is it really all that?

by mzoom
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I'm about to start a HUGE keyword research project for 134 domains. I am new to KW research. I have tried to understand google's KW tool, but i freakin hate it. I was told that SeCockpit by swiss made marketing was the best thing for me to consider.

Anyone have any direct experience?

Pro's/Con's (besides price, it's not much for a month or two, as long as the keywords are great). How is the learning curve?

They say that a customer of theirs generated 5,000 $ with a few clicks. (lol is this even possible?)

Anyway, I'm going to be on their webinar this friday the 16th of May at 11AM-Noon PST to see what they say. I have to say I am skeptical. SEO Plan for 2014 - Free Webinar Training - SwissMadeMarketing I would appreciate if anyone else who wants to attend can give me their honest feedback on this thread so I don't make any poor buying choices. Thanks Warriors!
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