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I have some issues with word documents (I use Open office/MSWord 2003)

1. Some words stick alltogether, with no space like for e.g.


instead of "University of Washington"

Now, I have to space out a ton of words like these...

Any idea why/how this issue come into effect?

Thank you
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    It could be a formatting issue. I don't know but you should tell us which version you're using. Try their help system or Googling the problem

    Cheers, Laurence.

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      Is this happening just on recent documents that you have typed, - keyboard space bar problem?

      Ones that were previously OK but now have problems - find and delete normal.dot which is the master formatting file for Word - Word will re-create one for itself with the default settings.

      Just on your computer or same on others? Check settings like font kerning (the space between individual letters) - especially apparent if it's always between the same pairs of letters.

      Download and install Open Office or Libre Office (both free) and see if you have the same problem. See if it's a Word problem or a document problem.
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    Use LibreOffice. It provides good support.

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