How can I make $500 a month?

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I'm a student in highschool

I started a website not so long ago a movie streaming one but that was just for fun and it is making $100 a month of revenue but I am selling that at the moment.

I want to know with your help, what is the best way to make $500 online.
I have an initial investment of $100 (I have website hosting as well)

Could anyone give me some direction or advice on how I could make at least $500 a month, I know this will take time but I am wanting a kind of certain way that I can just set sail on. I am also willing to work for anyone online if that's allowed. I have a certificate IV in Multimedia Technology and currently studying a Diploma in Business.

Thank you for any answers and advice
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    How do you make that $100 per day? Can you scale it up?
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      Originally Posted by JosephTate View Post

      How do you make that $100 per day? Can you scale it up?
      I make $100 per month, I only get this through adsense off the site I am selling.
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      Learn about product creation, then go out and create and sell your product online.

      Build a list from that and then build a relationship with your list. Give them good content and promote others offer to your list.

      Rinse and repeat.
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        Offer your services on odesk and freelancer.

        If you can produce videos to order, within a reasonable timeframe, you have a service that many want and will pay for. You know what you can do, whether it be animations, live action or talking head videos. As a graduate you probably know young wannabe actors who would bite your hand off for a chance to practice their skills, appear and get their names known too. More people means you can charge a bit more. You have a website to show your skills, tell the world about them.

        $500 a month could be under-ambitious if you can produce the goods.
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    Hi there

    You could write a quick report or create a video on how you created a website streaming videos that has you earning $100 per month. You could then either sell it as a WSO or even a free WSO.

    On the backend to this, you would then build a list of subscribers through email marketing and promote various offers to them.


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    1. Product Creation.

    2. List Building - (Build a Buyers List)

    3. Fresh leads added into your system every day.

    4. Build up affiliates as you create more products.

    5. Add "Recurring" paying products into your funnel.

    6. As your leads pass through your funnel make back end sales
    and repeat sales from the buyers you've added into your funnel as
    they BUY your front end products.



    Once you have your first funnel set up all you need to do is FOCUS on
    adding as many leads as you can into that funnel and let it go to WORK!
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  • Xlachlan,

    You can create Adsense movie streaming / multimedia WordPress templates and sell these to people who want to earn money online. You can also offer your Adsense movie streaming / multimedia WordPress template installation services and Web development services to the same group of people.

    Integrate into your template and service sales pages your story (how you created a movie streaming site, how you continue to drive traffic to your movie streaming site, how you effectively placed Adsense ads in your site and how you earn $100 / month on average of Adsense profits from your site).

    Advertise your templates and services in the right places. For example, the Warrior Forum has a lot of members and viewers who could most likely be interested in your templates and services, among other heavily trafficked IM (Internet Marketing) / MMO (Make Money Online) / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) forums. This means you can advertise in the marketplaces of these forums and also promote via your forum sig your templates and services while participating in relevant discussions in these forums.

    Also create an opt-in material (something to entice the right viewrs to sign up to your mailing list). For example, you can create and offer an ebook with images and video snippets, which can be a step by step guide on how to generate traffic and earn Adsense profits from movie streaming / multimedia sites. Post this as an opt-in download in your website. In relevant forums, include a call to action link in your forum sig to promote this opt-in download while participating in related discussions...

    Watch My 1st 3D Printed AI Eyeglasses for the Blind in Action:
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    It depends on your skill, you asked how to earn $500 dollar per month. Of course it is not a big amount. If your skill is good, it does not matter to earn this amount. I do not know in which subject you are skilled. You can online affiliate marketing. In this way really it is easy to earn this amount.
    No signature, work makes me pleasure
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    With $100 and a hosting you can perhaps earn online through Affiliate Marketing. Some may scoff at this, yes, but really... I've earned that amount through either of two: working online as a freelancer or as an affiliate.

    If you choose the latter, you will need to consider a few things first. There's no quick and easy money, so even if you'll earn $500 per month, you will not start earning right away. It takes time.

    If I had that money and hosting, I'd spend it on domains, choose a good product to promote (either digital or those high ticket tangible items) and SEO services, autoresponder and maintain growing my site for better search engine score for weeks-months.
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    Originally Posted by xlachlan View Post

    I'm a student in highschool

    I started a website not so long ago a movie streaming one but that was just for fun and it is making $100 a month of revenue but I am selling that at the moment.
    Scale up this methods 5 times and you will see your earning 100x5=$500/month.

    You also mention you have multimedia background, if you have this skill, and you know how to make website. Make portfolio of all your multimedia work design in 1 or 2 pages, and offer this to your local area as an offline consultant.

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    You can either do it as an affiliate or by having your own product for selling. You chose the path.
    Mine crypto coins not using graphics cards but by building gold mines in an online strategy game???
    [EASY $100 a month] How to make money playing GoldenTowns
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    There are a lot of excellent ideas here that can earn you $500/mo. But don't just rely on advertising earnings. Those can fluctuate wildly. Instead, make money for yourself by keeping visitors on your site longer instead of sending them off on third party ads. Building a list is a great idea, but it has to be an active, reciprocal list (I give you this, you give me that).

    Always look for ways to give your list something that they can't get anywhere else.
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