Facebook fan page effective anymore?

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Hi fellow Warriors,

Hope your well. Just reaching out to you esteemed group because I needa question answering that been bugging me for days.

I was wondering if creating a Facebook fan page worth these days if you want to build a following or is blogging the way to go. The reason im asking is because I decided I want to offer free advice for newbies who are struggling. Im not an absolute expert but I remember how it felt like when you first start off. So much to take in, so many people trying to offer you advice when really allvthey care about it lining their pockets. That's not me and I wanted to keep it simple but still be able to provide results.

so is facebook fan page worth it?

Will it provide me with what I want to achieve ?(Build Strong following)

Does my idea need fine tuning?

Most importantly can it be a success?

Your feedback is very much needed.

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