How to check for fake clicks

by BennyP
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Hey all,

I was wondering if there is a way to check if solo ad clicks are fake?

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    I use a site called statcounter dot com, it is free to join and you can add a small script to your site. It then keeps track of traffic to your site.
    It give me details about where the click came from, what they did on my site. How long they where their for. And more.

    It really depends what you have right now in the way of tracking on your site. With the above you can quickly work out if it is a bot clicking your link. They tend to not stay long and dont click anything else on your site.

    hope this helps
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    Even AdTrackzGold had a URL list of where your clicks come from

    It's not super specific, but after buying so many solos...

    You can get a good idea when someone is trying to 'pull the wool over your eyes'
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      Generally with Solo ads it's a good idea to just buy 100 clicks from a new seller then gauge your results.

      If you get good results - buy more. If they suck, don't buy from them again.

      There are sites that list bad actors but its easy to change your name and email on the internet so no one really knows who you are.

      The unfortunate reality is there is a HUGE ripoff market in the Solo Ad sellers group.

      For sure it's maddening when you find out you've been ripped off and some people go through the trouble of trying to get their money back but I call it "education tax".

      It's faster to send out another ad than it is to chase after a bad actor.

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