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I'm wondering what people think the best FREE keyword tool is for DAILY search numbers, not monthly and which of those used you have had the best success with. I'm looking at a few and wondering which seem to be accurate.
I've put together a little business plan for myself and this is the first step. Want to try and get it right from the start.


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      Google's Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal (just divide number by 30). There is no better free tool for monthly search count.

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        agreed, the free adwords tool is by far the most accurate when I cross check its results to my actual PPC results

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    I like using Web CEO, and you can use it for both pay per click and search engine optimization. Keyword Buzz is good if you are new and need something that's easy to use.

    However, the best, and most comprehensive list I have ever seen of keyword tools I've ever seen is by Gauher Chaudhry in his free ebook: The Insider's Guide To CPA Marketing Profits. He includes just about every tool out there with descriptions, prices, and ratings.

    You can get it here. You have to sign up for his list. http://www.cpahotspot.com/

    This is really good if you want a comprehensive comparison of all of this stuff. Otherwise, listen to Brad. There is no one on the face of the earth who knows SEO better than he does. I've been giving away his ebooks for years and continue to give them away. They are that good.

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    That's the best one in the free category.

    Micro Niche Finder is the best one in the paid category! I use MNF and just love it. Worth more than what it costs!
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    The Free Seo Book Keyword Suggestion tool. It gives you daily searches and some nice long tail keywords too.
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      Thanks very much folks, just what I was after.

      Think I'm going to use a combo of SeoTool and adwords to start with then when I'm a bit more confident and earning some cash, upgrade to the micro nice one.
      Also going to check out the free comparison site.

      Cheers everyone, I've learnt more on here in 2 days than I have in 4 months of wallowing in a sea of information!!

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        Checkout the newest free tool that combines ALL of the free tools together into one: keywordsmash . com

        For a paid tool, Market Samurai is definitely the best tool in my opinion
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    For daily searches use Wordtracker FreeKeywords, and for monthly Google. They are the best as far as Im concerned and I use them for articles and ppc.
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      market samurai is the tool for me. this is hands down the best tool I've ever invested in. it retrieves data directly from google and automates lots of things compared to doing the research manually with the google keyword tool. And it does tons of awesome things especially if you're into seo.
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