Infographic Tips before we go Live?

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have been reading the infographic threads but was still hoping for some more ideas and insights.

Does anyone have any experience with launching an infographic?

We will list on all the infographic sites, push it out on social media, following Neil Patel's advice etc.

Feel like I should be doing more though? Does anyone have experience with this? We will push mostly for Facebook and Twitter but now also being told that we should hit G+ as well.

It's getting pretty time consuming, so applying the 80/20... I guess my real question is where should I be focusing my 20% to help this spread?

Thanks Guys! Any ideas are appreciated.
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    Getting infographics (or anything for that matter) to go viral is very hard. It is usually the people who have not tried that have things go viral and those who try to do it always find it hard to go viral.

    Don't waste too much time on trying to make one piece of content viral because when it doesn't go viral you will have wasted all that time. Instead just get in the habit of creating fresh and unique content on a regular basis.
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