600 backlinks from one website - What does this mean?

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Hi there,

The strangest thing is happening. Basically I listed my site on a directory.

Now when I check my backlinks on Yahoo site explorer, it is showing that I have over 600 backlinks coming from that 1 directory.

Should I be concerned by this?

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    They probably have some search result pages or something else that's been spidered and includes many copies of the same links.

    It's not a big deal, happens all the time, and it won't hurt your site at all.

    One of my sites with over a million backlinks has over 5,000 from some sites, because they put the link on every page of large dynamic sites. Gets great search traffic.
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      yea as the poster above say it is nothing to worry about.

      It is the same thing that happens when your articles are on the most viewed listing in ezinearticles. You get a lot of links because your article will be on every page as with the other articles.
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        Whats't the name of the directory?

        It sounds like a featured link..

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