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So I have a friend that is in the business of t-shirt designs. He is very talented and has his own line of clothing now. I witnessed some brilliant advertising on facebook where people target certain sayings/logos to niche people promoting a unique tshirt or sweatshirt.

My idea is simple, I plan on finding a very well known dropshipping company that lets you create a design and sell. My idea was to come up with a one of a kind, targeted niche saying that would intrigue people on facebook with split testing with my campaigns. I watched a hoodie that was shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times because it was only advertised to that certain niche.

For example: a redwings fan advertising campaign for a hoodie that said" White and Red till I'm Cold and Dead" along with a cool skelaton and "DET" on his fists.

It gained 1000s of comments and people were sharing it like crazy. Not only that, they built a fanpage around these unique hoodies and shirts.

Would anyone like to share some advice for something like this? Am i looking at quantity over quality or should i focus on 1-3 ideas and stick with that for advertising.

I would plan on spending a $100 on a campaign to start then increase it if the sales are there. I may split test and do 2 $100 campaigns to give it a shot with a unique design I come up with.

I will take any advice or critisism on the idea!
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