Advice from me to you, its only one thing.

by brentb
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I know WF is a great place for you to come on and ask things like:

Is this a good business name?
Does my squeeze page look ok?
Should I try a dating offer or a weight loss offer?

Most of the time, there is no answer to these questions. You need to TRY it and see what happens. Try the dating offer, if it doesn't work, then try the weight loss next. You need to always take action, don't get hung up on little details. If it takes you forever just to try one thing, it's going to take you your whole life to finally succeed.

So maybe you are thinking? Well I want to give it the best shot at working, so I will play around with my squeeze page for weeks until I think its just right.

Well, just launch the page even if you aren't sure. Maybe your conversion rate will be only 5% lower than you had hoped and you can tweak it going forward. Maybe its not converting at all and you can cut your losses and save all the time because nothing will make it work, the concept was just that bad.

My whole point is, always be taking action with something, every day or you will have a difficult time succeeding.
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