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Hello Warriors,

My daughter has the idea to create a game for mobile and doesn't know where to start so she asked Daddy... Sort of role play game but I am clueless about these kinds of games. Never had any interest in them.

Has anyone an idea of the kind of money needed just to start a basic game mobiile app that would be downloaded for free. The money will apparently come later.

I have no clue. Is $30? $300? $3,000? or rather $300,000 needed to start?

Thanks for any input.
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    If your daughter wants to make an RPG, check out RPGMaker. It comes with assets you can use right away and it's quite easy to get started, although it will take a long time to actually create a proper game.

    They have different versions of the software so you should get your daughter to go through them and decide what kind of game she wants to make and pick out what's the best option to go for. I believe they go for about $50-60.

    To pay someone else to do it, on the other hand, is gonna cost a lot, at least a few thousand. But if you're making it yourself, it will cost a lot less. Might spend a few hundred for extra graphics or have someone go through to fix or create specific levels of the game.

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    The cost varies and will depend on how complex the game will be. She'll need to learn how to code first and then she'll have to code the game itself. It can cost a lot if you want to market the game and buy advertisements.

    Do you know how complex she wants to make it?
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      Thanks a lot both of you for your replies.

      She has been learning some visual basics and java at school (univ. level) so she has a basic knowledge to start from. She has a pretty good idea of what she wants to do (the app itself) but doesn't know exactly what is the best way to start.

      With RPGmaker at least there is a starting point. Then it's a question of getting help where needed, when needed, according to the funds available.
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