Which do you think is more effective for maximum conversions?

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Certain areas of "marketing" I am relatively new at, and this happens to be one of them, so I am trying to get an idea of which one would be more of an effective approach to maximizing conversions.

When customers are directed to a website, do you think it would be better to:

a) Have a short squeeze page, with a freebie & associated autoresponder, that tries to sell the main product through subsequent marketing messages?


b) Have a long salespage, associated testimonials, etc -- that tries to sell the product on the spot?

I'm not sure how effective integrating the two would be (actually I'm thinking you might get a lower conversion), so was wondering whether anyone who has tried these methods and found more success with one or the other?


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    I think this is "Have a short squeeze page, with a freebie & associated autoresponder". You can mail to your list over and over. Most more powerful.



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      I would go for the first route though. although it's more work with follow up emails and all, I see much greater conversion as most people normally won't but the first time they see offer. What I would do is offer some incentives for optins, then continually educating your list on your niche and promote your products at the same. That's what still works for me.
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    Only testing will give you a definitive answer. Depends on your traffic, market, offer, etc. If you're trying to build a long term business, and not just a short term money-maker site, then I'd recommend the squeeze page so you are building your list.
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    The short answer of course is that you need to test.

    I think you will find that if you give people a compelling reason to join your e-mail list then this method will be far more profitable than just trying to sell to people on the spot.

    You first need to build a relationship with people before you try to sell to them.
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    You can never go wrong buy building your list. You can sell to them over and over again if you take the time to build a relationship with them and send them valuable content instead of just offers.

    If you're going to test, then make sure you put an exit pop on the sales page that still tries to get them to optin if they're not ready to buy.
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