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Everyone... i haven't tried any domain selling yet.
One of Colleague just bought some domains, and she wants to sell them

All are new domains, the value is based only on their Phrases... so for how much $$ we can sell / expect the following domains on auction







These domains are not for sale in this thread, just to know how much it worth
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    .info TLDs are worth very little and .org TLDs aren't much better.
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    I kinda like for a education blog. I'd say $100. The rest are not really worth reg fee.
    Learn what makes a domain valuable. ALL newbies should only hand reg .com. Listen to every video on, get on the best newletters, go over to, forum for domainers.
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    The best way to make a domain worth something is to develop something on it. Unless you find a buyer that simply MUST have your specific domain without compromising on something slightly different, it may be hard to sell them...
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      You have got to ask yourself what sort of commercial site someone could build using these domains.

      None of these domains have any commercial value and would be of no interest to someone wanting to build a commercial website site.

      I would take serryjw's advice.

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      Value is in the eye of the beholder. For me, none hold any value - especially given they are dot info names. Most people prefer dot com names - some insist on it.

      The best chance you have of selling these is to develop them, get some traffic to the sites, and monetize the traffic.

      You're most likely going to have to do some work to identify people that will see the domains as having value for some reason.

      Good luck to you,


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    .infos aren't worth the registration fee. Sorry. I like the .org Though but it's only worth what somebody will pay for it

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    Please tell your colleague to stop buying domains until she spends a lot more time educating herself on the industry (and add to the list above).

    As mentioned above, pretty much anything .info is going to be a total loss. could have a little development potential, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Most newbies (and many even with more experience) don't seem to understand that domaining is not a commodity business. You can't buy a handful of domains and expect there to be any kind of a market out there looking for them.

    You have to approach this from the other side entirely. Find the unique opportunities, where there is strong need and demand. Then look to fill that demand with well crafted (and possibly developed) domains.
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      Have to agree that most are a total loss. I personally would not sell "" just yet I would build up a little site for that, and back link the daylights out of it for about 6 months.

      There is more than $100 potential there, it just needs to be developed a bit.
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    Thank you all for the advice
    what about the value of .us and extensions ???
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      Originally Posted by Submission Zone View Post

      what about the value of .us and extensions ???
      Domain extensions ending in ".uk" are useful for people who want to attract British-only traffic, rank well on (and also host their sites inside the UK). But just like various other domain extensions, one has to ask oneself whether it's really a good long-term proposition to try to build a business on a domain-name of which the .com extension already belongs to someone else (and this is the real issue, I think, with using extensions). It's fine to build a UK-niche site on a ".uk" extension if one also owns the .com version of the name, of course.

      I know little about ".us" domains, am not eligible to register one, and wouldn't actually want to, anyway, to be honest. I think they're very useful for "branding names" in which the extension is cleverly included within the site's intended name/brand, though. I'm thinking of things like,, and so on.

      The only one of the names above which I'd have considered registering, myself, is, which I think could be monetized with a suitable site and re-sold on the basis of its proven income as well as its potential (though, even then, its value is going to suffer a lot through not being the .com variant).

      For resale purposes, I register only .com domains, of which I've traded a few hundred over the last 4-5 years.

      I think your friend would be very well advised to do some research on domain-names before registering any more. If s/he wants to learn "the tricks of the trade", this mailing-list is a very good place to start: (Gene Pimentel is the person whose advice on the domain business s/he should value, respect and acquire. Might as well "start at the top". )
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        A Gazillion dollars...

        I personally never had success with ranking .info sites.

        Also what I have found is when people are selling sites on auctions the big buyers usually want a turn-key type site. A site that is ready to go and bringing in profits or has a bunch of traffic.

        When I go to buy a domain name and it's taken I usually just find another name, not buy the domain for thousands.

        If you had a domain like you would be in the money. One name domains with dot com extention are probably all gone, so that's why they are valuable.

        Two name domains are still out there and you can get .com's pretty easy

        You could always put it on a domain auction for an amount. If you don't get any bites, it's probably too high.

        Like others are saying I would build them before selling.
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Domain extensions ending in ".uk" are useful for people who want to attract British-only traffic, rank well on (and also.....
        Nice to see you back in town....
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      Originally Posted by Submission Zone View Post

      Thank you all for the advice
      what about the value of .us and extensions ???
      You need to do some research before buying domains rather than after. A domain needs to have some commercial value and I don't see commercial value in your list. AboutPolitics is too generic for a commercial political site and the others probably aren't worth the reg fee. Of course, someone could come along who thinks one of them is nifty, but probably not.

      Once you have a domain that is worth something, you then have to go out and hunt the potential buyers that might find the domain useful to them. Trying to sell domains passively, even good ones, is often a slow process (sometimes very slow).

      I love to go to this page to keep up on the fantastic domain sales every week.

      Long Isn't Always Wrong: Three-Word .Com Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart
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      Originally Posted by Submission Zone View Post

      Thank you all for the advice
      what about the value of .us and extensions ??? are ok for those of us here in the UK who have a local website. Not really worth anything much though.
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    Go spend some time at Ron Jackson's site Domain Name Journal - The Industry News Magazine at

    He tracks actual domain sales. You should be able to get a better sense of what has market value and what does not.

    You won't see many .us, .info,, etc on there. Maybe the odd one here or there, but certainly not enough to justify speculation in those areas.
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    Thanks for sharing dnjournal....good info...just passed it to her
    really interested.....

    and what about the extensions .agency and .club...
    like and and like like that
    how abt the value
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    I would not buy any of those new extensions with the purpose of reselling them. .Com will always be king and .net can sometimes sell well. A lot of the country codes, like .de for example, can do well with words relevant to that country. Us is a total waste of money for any domain (ask yourself why there are so many .us domains available, when all other extensions are sold). .info are not generally good sellers, with an occasional exception.
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