How do you split test a campaign?

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Over the years, I have heard a lot of people speaking about split testing but, no one ever shows you how to do it.

Can someone please explain how you split test a campaign on getresponse, and how to best set it up. It would be great if someone knows of a video that explains this well.

I have my products I have my funnel in place but I am confused as to how to split test.

I mean do you set up two different campaigns and two different squeeze pages using different autoresponder codes,

or do you use the same campaign and just use two different squeeze pages using the same autoresponder code? If this is the one you use how, do you track it to know who signs up under which page?

I know you have to change just a few things to see which works best. but which of these is the right way to do it?

I am thinking that I have to create two different campaigns using different codes. But I am open to correction.

I look forward to your reply

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    If you just Google "how to split test {subject}" you will find out just about everything.

    Every step of the process is tested.

    Always choose ONE as your "control"

    Example you have two different squeeze pages. Pick one that you test against. Record your statistic. If you find one is converting better - then you make the winner your new control and bring in another squeeze to test against it.

    You keep doing this til the end of time.

    Same with subject lines, sales headers, sales copy, followup emails etc.

    At every juncture you have a conversion that can be improved upon and that is where you split-test.

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      Thanks for your help CynthiaC I appreciate it.
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    I would honestly use Google Analytic's split testing tool. They have a nice condensed help article here:
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    Hello Henry! Regarding your questions about split testing, you don't need to have different autoresponder codes unless you would like to add people to different email lists. But from what I'm reading from your questions, it seems that you would like to split-test capture pages, specifically.

    In that case, you can go forward two ways:

    1) You can use your own tracking tool (AdTrackz Gold or something similar) to track the clicks and leads based on the tracking links you create. Then you could determine which link converted better.

    2) A more "manual" to do it is that you can add a "code" to the end of your URL and then in your Autoresponder search for that specific "code" and it will filter out the leads you got that were added from the URL containing the "code" you added. So for example, you can have "" and then search in your Autoresponder for the URL containing "?code" and it should show you the list of leads that came from that URL.

    Hope this helps!
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      that is good advice thanks CarlosTorres, a2hosting
      carlostorres you understood the question right. I want to split test my squeeze page and also my campaigns as well
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        Also you might want to check out Optimizely, its worth every penny
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          Thanks experthero I am still tossing up weather to use optamizepress or list pages each have had awesome reviews
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        • Profile picture of the author jbprich
          Thanks experthero I am still tossing up weather to use optamizepress or list pages each have had awesome reviews
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    For video tutorial you must check youtube.....
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    All you need is a simple split testing software that tracks the number of clicks and then distributes those clicks between different versions of your page. There are lots of split testing tools around both free and paid, although paid ones tends to come with other functions such as cloaking and branding.

    Once you have your split testing set up, track your conversions and see which one is doing better. That will now become your new control version to test against. Test only one thing at a time. For example, you may want to test to see if a bold text works better than a regular text, or a different colored header, maybe even a different font. You want to know exactly what works better, so if you're running 5 completely different pages, you won't be able to tell why a particular page works better.

    It's tedious work and takes patience, but do it right and you easily increase your conversion rates.

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      Could you recommend some simple split testing software I might be able to use.

      It would be awesome and I would be very grateful, if you could share the name of some of the simple software that you may already know of, or even have used for your own A B testing.
      Thanks for the advice about doing one at a time Good advice. I love this forum. It is like have thousands of mentors. thanks guys
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    You need:
    - 1 campaign
    - 1 auto-responder
    - 2 or more squeeze pages
    - 1 good conversion tracker

    Practically you are testing which Squeeze page work the best. The A/B rotating test is all about that. And if you do not have the conversion tracking on then you'll never know!

    This is the process I follow (I use Aweber + ClickMeter)

    In CM you can use to different rotators (sequential and random) that at the same time rotate, track clicks and conversions. I use sequential.

    A/B test (rotator) steps:

    A) create 2 (or more) tracking links (one for each o your landing pages)
    B) create a third tracking link that includes the Option: Rerirect Mode > Sequential:
    destination URLs you will insert the tracking links you created in point A.
    C) In your ads use the "multiple" tracking link (B)
    D) when users clicks on that link will be redirected one time to tracking link 1 and second time to tracking link 2

    - you can have multiple links in the (B) multiple link. But there is a limit of 10 (if I remember it right).
    - The multi-link main destination URL should be one of the squeeze page you are going to test

    hope this can help!
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