When you have articles written, what do you do with them?

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The large majority of articles that I have written, I use for SEO. Whether it be for content for my own site, or to submit to various places.

But, I'm curious what you guys do with your articles. Do you submit them somewhere for backlinks or what exactly do you do with them after you get them back?

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    Have you considered turning them into a video and creating a video course. This is really cheap and easy all you need is

    1. Powerpoint or something equivalent,

    2. A video screen capture, you can choose a free version like Hypercam, or Camstudio, you can choose a cheap option that gives a small amount of editing ability, called Faststone or you can choose the more upmarket Camtasia.

    3. You can them submit your powerpoint to places like Slideshare.

    4. Obviously if you want to turn it into a course you may wish to use a private video hosting company that allows you to upload your videos and embed them into your website, don't use YouTube for your course. unless you are giving it away fro free because people will see it is a YouTube video and just go there to watch it and never optin. So you can use sproutvideo.com to do that they are only $10 a month and you get to host your videos and not have people steal your content.

    Anyway that is the type of thing that I do with them. You can also turn them into an ebook. Especially if you have a lot of articles that you have personally written.
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    I sell some articles packages as PLR. Or I post something I write to my blog. Or the article I write is for a client. But no article is used twice (ie. I don't post articles to my blog that I've sold as PLR, and articles I write for clients are for them only).
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      Quite often many of my old articles could be recycled either seasonally (ie during holidays), recurring events (Olympics), historical anniversaries, news events, etc. In addition, reprints of articles in recognized publications were quite useful for building credibility among prospects and closing deals.
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    I mainly sell my articles i have written to different clients want to buy them or I submit my articles to different free article submission sites. I also use them for some SEO purposes.
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    Don't you want to sell your articles?

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    Once I get my articles, I get my virtual assistant to blast them all over the intenets for me
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    Pat Flynn suggests that you should keep the best content in your own website. Then use rest of them for articles directories and web 2.0 sites. You can also spin these articles and make new copies for SEO/link building reasons.
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    into a fresh site of present time
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      I summarise the information into power point slides and upload the slides to slideshare.net and also convert them to videos to up load to youTube.

      Get my Free Report "How to setup your blog in 7 minutes"

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    I would publish them in different article directories
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    Oh "Niche Finder Guru", I take the articles that have been written and adjust them to my style of writing and then use them on my Blogs as well as Tier-1 properties that provide good backlinks to my money sites.
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      The strategy is really straight forward.

      All my articles are 1000 words plus (usually 1200 to 1500 words) and of the highest quality.

      Then all I do is seek out the high ranking sites in my niche, approach the owners, and secure and article syndication deal with them

      Hardly anyone does this, but it's an extremely effective strategy for driving long-term targeted traffic.
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    Well, it depends on the quality of articles. Low quality ones go into PLR, hgh quality ones go into a course, blog, or guest posting.
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