Percent to take out of client's payment?

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I am starting an executive protection(bodyguard) company. My company hires trained bodyguards to be full time bodyguards for executives, celebrities, etc. When a client pays, how much should I take out of his/her payment for the company?

E.G. A client pays $500 for 10 hours body guarding from 1 bodyguard. How much of this should I take out for the company and how much should go to the bodyguards wage?

Keep in mind these bodyguards are highly trained.
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    If you don't even know the going rates and split then you have a lot more research to do.
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    Man there is more than just taking out for the company. You need to research P and L and make some spreadsheets. Your going to have to pay headhunters, trainers, advertising, everything, Plus its not about taking out, you shouldn't be paying commission anyways if there highly trained. You should be pay them a set amount or an hourly figure and I would suggest hourly, I went to bodyguard school in the late eighties early nineties and worked a few jobs, back then the pay was ten bucks. Then that was good. And if your only getting 500 for a 10 hour job your well under charging, your guards shoudl probably make in the 35 an hour range, its tedious work, alot of standing and staring, that is hard work to stand in one spot for a long time. Then you have all your other costs.

    I think you just posted a thought in your head, dont do that man. post something you have researched first.
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    Here's a few steps you can start doing before talking about commission..

    a) Act as employer to talk to competitor and ask quotation.
    b) Talk about thier merits / duration / passcard / license and such..

    from here on, then you can position yourself better..
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      Are these bodyguards your employees or contractors?
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    You have to research on this topic and it depends on you how much profit you want to take
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