Buy Low and Sell High (Domain Flipping)

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I am new in the domain flipping business and I see so much potential for anyone to earn unlimited profits as long as they stick to it. I have been reading so much about the topic and seem to find very little unique (out of the box thinking) strategies that can create a residual income overtime. A system where you can create it and forget it type idea that will have buyers crawling to you offering a price on your domain.

Let's start a discussion and bring all the newbies and experts and create a in depth conversation of strategies from start to finish ideas about domain flipping. Obviously our goal is to buy low, implement a system to create back links for buyers and have emails waiting for you on a weekly nasis to sell at a higher price.

What kind of domains should we look at? Should we target keywords or expired domains? What is working for you, how are you finding buyers? What sources are you using to draw targeted traffic to your domain names?

Hope I can learn more about the art of flipping as well as everyone else interested about getting involved with buying and sell domain names. I don't agree with anyone that says the market is saturated or dead, or all the good domains are already taken. If you understand the basics of economy then you will understand it is all supply and demand for this niche. There is always a buyer out there for every domain and the price depends on the niche and demand from buyer.

Let's bring some experts to the table as well as noobies.
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