The future of Linkedin

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I am becoming a big fan of linkedin. What I like best is that you can create a user group for any industry and control who joins. I have about 4 groups including my niche. Attorneys, appraisers, financial advisors and joining in drove. Now I have a great marketing network that cost me nothing. (sure beats bulk e-mail)

My point this in the long term this kind of networking clout is very, very valuable. Just think what it could be like to drop you group of 5,000 and mention your new product or over.

Have other created users groups?
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    Never used linked in.. Sorry for being out of topic.. I want to add question for those who have promote to their linked in group.How's the conversion going and how the group response to your offer?
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      How is this compared to facebook? I know linked in can only have friends you know. But can you have contacts in your grouo you don't know?

      Thanks, Yaji

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