Looking to Sell A Site, What is it Worth?

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I'm looking to sell a site in the Finance - Credit niche. Has about 500 - 800 pageviews per month. Haven't updated for a long time and the traffic is passive. Not making any income as I haven't put ads on it. Any knows roughly what value it can fetch?
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    It mostly what you are providing in your finance website, plus the domain name also acts as a critical thing in total cost calculation.
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    Based on the info you've supplied maybe $20... ?
    Or you can look at the other 500 or so "Whats my site worth" threads to get a better idea...
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      Am interested in buying. How old is the site...domain name?
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    You could compare it to similar sites that sold recently on Flippa and make your guesstimate out of that.
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    Flippa is really a way to Go

    You can check other same websites sold or purchased recently and then you will have results and it would be much easier to decide whether you should sold your website or not !

    Best of luck !
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      Selling established sites is all about consistent traffic to the site and consistent income generated at the site. If you have those two critical characteristics, you shouldn't have trouble finding a sale. The more of each the better and the higher price your site will fetch.

      If you're just selling a site that you don't want anymore with little traffic and no income you'll be lucky to cover your registration costs as these sites are a dime a dozen.

      Good luck to you,


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    Not going to be worth much. Best to just auction it on Flippa with a low starting/bid and reserve and let the market decide.

    Anyone offering a valuation will just be guessing.
    I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. No obligation, confidential valuation here.
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    Originally Posted by jerytohn View Post

    Not making any income
    This is why it has almost no noticeable value. All the other factors mentioned above (traffic, domain-name, and so on) are going to turn out to be an afterthought by comparison with that one. Most of what determines the value of a website, most of the time, is proven income. (and when you look at the kind of websites you can buy here, or elsewhere, for $10-$20, you'll see just how little sale value sites without income have). Your steady traffic, if independently verifiable, may make it much easier to sell, but it still probably isn't going to increase the value significantly.
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    $45 will be fine

    Hi warriors,if somebody need a website for online sales
    i will do all the work for just $5.Really just five dollars!
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