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I plan to publish a series of ebooks on various topics. I have studied pros and cons of pricing and marketing methods. The problem is that the pros and cons both make good arguments. I trust fellow warriors so here are a couple of questions. Which is the better marketing strategy... Clickbank or Kindle? The ebook will be 30 pages of good, solid information on a popular topic (not Internet marketing related). If I go with the Clickbank method the price would be $17 with 60 percent affiliate commission. If I go with the Kindle method, the price would be $2.99 but I've heard the volume of sales would be worth it. I would appreciate feedback on the best pricing and marketing method.
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    Kindle is mainly low priced so you'd need to sell a lot and both methods still need good marketing.

    Might come down to how much your product is worth or perhaps you could consider creating one version for Kindle and another for CB at the higher price like an online course.

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    I would survey your audience a dozen times before you even decide on a final product...

    Send some traffic to a page that offers a free-ebook (even a PLR would be fine this way you can do this immediately) if they fill out a survey.

    You can collect a ton of data on your demographic this way...

    After this step youll have a better idea of what mediums to use- ask your audience, find out where they are & what they want.


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      What's to stop you from testing Kindle first and if it's a great success - stick with it and promote the heck out of the book. If that doesn't work, reformat the book and test it out at Clickbank.

      In either case, if your book is compelling and well-written, how you promote it at Kindle or Clickbank will be the difference between success and failure.

      Good luck,


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    Originally Posted by jercarbra View Post

    I would appreciate feedback on the best pricing and marketing method.
    I'll throw a few additional thoughts into the mix ...

    I don't think there is a "best" pricing and marketing method. What you select depends on many variables relating to information not included in your post above.

    The affiliate commission paid at ClickBank on $17 at 60%, net of ClickBank costs, is $8.84. Any affiliates who set their search cut-off at a higher figure than that, when looking for potential products to promote, may not even be aware of its existence, so listing it at ClickBank alone may not find many good affiliates at all. You'll need to promote it to affiliates, and to affiliates who are willing to promote it for $8.84 per sale.

    On Kindle, you'll earn about one third of the amount - $2.09 per copy, yourself, as against $5.89 at ClickBank (on the figures you specified) - but you'll have to do all the marketing yourself.

    You can in theory do both, but I'd strongly advise you to use different titles (because few, if any, good ClickBank affiliates will promote a product also for sale on Kindle at $2.99, for all the obvious reasons and then some), but even then you might get the occasional complaint/refund demand from customers who have bought both?

    On Kindle, many people say that $3.99 is the new $2.99, and some even say that $4.99 is the new $2.99 (I've seen comments, recently, from many authors, saying that they have increased their prices from $2.99 to $3.99, and some from $3.99 to $4.99, without selling any fewer at all), so for myself, I might actually be wondering how $3.49 net at Amazon would compare with $5.89 net at ClickBank. :confused:
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    When you think about Kindle/Amazon publishing don't forget to add in other platforms for the information. In other words you'll want to do the Kindle version, CreateSpace or another publisher for the physical copy, do an enhanced book for Kindle, a pamphlet (like this: Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Guide: Introduction...Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Guide: Introduction... ) with focused bullet information and laminated, audio (if it's long enough) and maybe a diary type book to go along with it. When you market the Kindle platform you now have multiple areas that will make sales.

    Another option is to write the book twice and market it to two different groups of people - one through Clickbank/JVZoo and the other to the Kindle/Amazon reader. Start with one platform and move from there.
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    For Clickbank affiliates, I don't think a 60% commission on an inexpensive book is going to attract the best affiliates. I'd up the commission rate to 70% or more and count on my main income from my own promotions, book links to my websites and other offers and/or Amazon Clickbank.

    In other words, think of the Clickbank affiliate sales as an advertising expense, not so much as an income stream for you. And make most of your profits elsewhere.
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    Worked with many people on this decision, let me see if this helps...

    Try looking beyond THIS product.

    For anyone looking to get into information publishing, the idea is to build a family of products that range from intro/basic/low-end to mid-range through high-end products...that's where the big money is made for most information publishers.

    That said, if you don't have a mid-range or high-end product offering right now, I would start with the CB approach and build your initial customer base, put more $$ into your account, gain some affiliate momentum...while you work on the next, higher-priced product.

    The reason being that even if you put great energy and/or money into selling your kindle ebook, you will not bring in the $$ (lower profit) and you have no upsell or cross-sells to make up the difference right now.

    In any case, you want to begin looking at the next information product - what can you do to your $17 ebook to make it a $47 or $97 upsell? Could be an additional ebook, a video course developed from your ebook, your ebook + an email support/course, some coaching, an "interview of the month" program for one year, etc...

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  • I just stared doing Kindle and love it. I did PDF ebooks before at higher price. Kindle has tons of potential you can list for free on 100+ sites! Nothing to pay free!
    soon people... Relax...
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    Plus you need a Kindle cover the will capture your audience
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