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Hi Guys

Supernoob to IM here. I have spent about 3 weeks or so reading and ingesting information. I have a coach i will be working with starting in June at which point i will begin to take action.

I am the type of person who likes to draw out the plan with steps and start and that is what i am doing now so that i can go over all of it with my coach in June.

I have seen mail chimp, aweber ect but today i was emailed this tool and it looks good to me but what do i really know. So i wanted to ask you guys


what do you think of this and would it be a smart buy for my future blog/blogs

thanks for reading!
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    I personally wouldn't recommend it for a newbie. Learn the basics with your coach first and when you understand the benefits that the product gives for you, you can then make an educated decision whether or not you need it.
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    You can find plenty of discussion on these two threads, not something that I would purchase but you're a big boy so check out these threads and make your own decision.


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    thanks guys

    i am no stranger to business and i also have a little list for my two niches i will start on (one at a time) since i currently make a living in both one offline and the other through ecomerce so i have a list to start with when i launch.
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    I review and suggest several list building methods on my blog listed in my signature. Message me and I will be glad to provide you with a list of tools that I personally use that work well.
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    If you're a newbie in email marketing, then i would suggest using Aweber. Your list is the most important part of your online business, so make sure you make a good decision about this.

    My advice would be not to let the price determine your choice on this one.
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    To be honest, I would stick with the ones used by the majority (Aweber or GetResponse). I personally wouldn't recommend this tool for a person just starting out online. Aweber and GetResponse have lots of training and tutorials that will get you up to speed in no time. Once you meet up with your coach, ask him or her their thoughts about it and move forward from there.

    That's my 2 cents! Hope it helps!
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    I use aweber for my list building because like Jens already said your list is your most precious asset! I also bought ims rapid mailer to back up my list after I heard a few stories from marketers who lost their list with aweber for example. Rapid mailer is a good tool and not that expensive so if you wanna use it to backup a list for example go for it.
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      Arpreach in conjunction with Mandrill... Even if your a beginner I would still think bigger... and always be wrapping your head around something more complex then you are used to... Its the only way you will learn to stay ahead of the pack.


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    When I started out building my list in 2002, I had my own desktop autoresponder that was called Network Responder.

    I found out that it would only manage lists up to 10,000 subscribers with out causing problems with the shared server I was on. Eventually I had 8 computers in the basement Running just Network Responder.

    I even got the developer to have the autoresponder send out only 100 emails at a time and then switch to another email address to send from after a wait period.

    I'm not saying that the system you are trying to decide about will have these kinds of problems. They may have a solution for you if you are on shared hosting. If so it will cost more money monthly for that service.

    Having said that, Once the system is set up, I don't see it functioning much differently than any other autoresponder and will be a small learning curve in the use of the system.

    I'm pretty sure you can even get the developers to do the install for you for a price.

    I did not look to see if they offered that service. It may be as simple as installing a plugin as it works with wordpress.

    I would consult with your mentor about this idea for your business and I fairly sure he will talk you out of this notion, unless your business requires single opt-in.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    Here's what you need:

    1) Hosting

    2) Auto-responder

    3) Find products to promote or create your own.

    Everything else is extra.

    Building a list is simple and the more action you take to build
    that list, the more cash flow you bring in.
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    thanks everyone
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