How many comments do you need?

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Hey guys,

I am not sure about the popular of a post based on the number of commnets.

After these day, I think after the 10th comment, the other one is just so dull.

By the way, after reading to the 10th comment, it is quite overwhelmed.

The next comments do not even put value to the discussion.

I am not sure what you are thinking.
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    Are you asking how many comments you need for a forum post? A blog post? Something else? I've never heard of a requirement for a blog or forum post.
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    • Oh, it is just about the number of comments.

      I only read first 10 comments.

      after that, it seems to have no value added

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    Originally Posted by alertmakemoney4738 View Post

    I am not sure what you are thinking.
    I am not sure what you are saying
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    How many comments I read depends on the topic, if the comments have proper value, then I go through one after another until last one. IF they are product reviews, then I go through some of them randomly. So, should not generalize all type comments, depending on importance, you might or might not go through the comments.
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    If I am interested in a topic or a product sometimes I read hundreds of posts or the entire thread. The first 10 comments are often times not the most authentic or relevant in some of these forums....especially the WSO section. In-fact in that section (and others) it is sometimes best to click past the first page and see how the product or service is performing in the most recent times.

    In-fact the same goes for some of the advice threads...what worked when the thread was posted may not be working today still.

    Best of luck to all!

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    it depends on reader what he want to read.....If he got in 2 or 3 comment then he will not read 4-5 comment
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