How do you get buyers?

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Hey guys,

I just want to know how you guys can drive buyers to your website and opt in to your list.

I really don't want to see links to other posts about traffic.

I just want to see a good comment about the way.

It is really overwhelmed by looking at these other posts.

So many people posts comments, so many scam.

I just want a really good way.

Comment if you really want to give values, don't link to anything.

The link is at your signature.

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    Google PPC
    solo ads

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    I really don't want to see links to other posts about traffic.
    Why do you think this thread will be any different. The all-in-one traffic tips thread is designed to funnel people to so the forum won't be clogged with thousands of this almost identical post.
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    Actually almost any source of traffic works IF you go for your target audience and you have a compelling offer.

    Invest in a good copy writer for your offer, a good copy can make a great difference.
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    The best way is by getting buyer traffic. You can get buyer traffic by launching your own product and getting affiliate to promote them. Then capture email addresses of people who buy your traffic.

    You can also offer bonuses to people who are launching products. You can offer to put alink to your squeeze page on their download page and get buyer traffic when they optin.
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    I get new buyers by creating new products, updating my store, adding give-aways to my list, keeping my content new and interesting on my blog and social media. :-)
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    Sell a product or service

    That way you will only get buyers

    If they buy, of course
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    Build an email list of your niche, promote offers, extract buyers and add them on another segment.
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    Adwords, for me. Go where your (potential) customers are.
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