My FIRST "Squeeze Page" - Feedback?

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I've been a lurker here on WF for quite sometime. I recently bought into the War Room and found a TON of awesome content regarding "newbie list building". So after about a week of work, I've created a valuable product and built a site where I am offering it up for free.

Could I get some feedback?
Sorry if this is the wrong area to post.

Website: YT Killers | Marketing Made Easy
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    The squeeze format MUST be above the fold. If you ask only for email address instead of name and email the conversion will increase.
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    I think the subtitle that you are using on your ebook cover will convert higher than the current headline you are using.

    I suggest this headline

    "Get Instant FREE Access To This Quickstart Guide To Skyrocket Your Online and Offine Business...Using Youtube!"

    I think the above headline would improve your conversions because it's short and to the point.
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    The graphics are nice, but the call to action, "the opt-in box should be moved to the top". Showcase the opt-in box and reduce the side of the ebook cover.
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    Not bad for your first squeeze page.

    I recommend keeping it as simple as possible...

    At the time there are so many variables so if you dont get the optins you are looking for...

    You might not know what's causing it

    A tip is to just just the email box and take out the name box

    Unless it's super important you get their name
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  • Below the fold, but you can test it and make sure i might be wrong
    soon people... Relax...
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      You should just out the email form and make sure that the page is optimized for mobile.

      And I shouldn't have to scroll down just to opt-in...
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        Not bad for your first squeeze page...

        First things first... Your Headline...

        Its very noisy... trim some of the fat and cut through to the core.

        What is the hook?

        What makes this ebook different from every other FREE and paid ebook on the market?

        Dig deep into these questions and pull out your one-of-kind magical crystal...


        Give more detail in your bullets.

        And don't repeat the same words

        Which step is the sexiest in the 7 steps?
        Why is it a secret step?

        Good job though, and congrats on taking action... 90% of people don't even do that


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    Thanks for all the input so far everyone. This is EXTREMELY helpful.

    I'm implementing changes on the site as I read your posts.
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    In my opinion, the biggest problem with your squeeze page is that the link to the image points to the actual img.

    Bad move!

    Make a popup that says "Dude! You have to OPT-IN before you download this!"

    Just my $.02.

    PS: The best way to test conversions... Is always sending traffic.

    Opinions are like... Eyeballs.

    Stay cool
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    Thanks again everyone.

    Question: opinions on dropping the "big text" graphic at the top of the page?
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    1) This belongs in the copy-writing thread
    2) The best way to know how good a squeeze page is .. you guessed it .. to test.
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      it is a good page, but as some warriors already mentioned, the ebook ecover should definitely be lower..Also, this thread belongs to the copywriting section of WF. Keep that in mind
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    wrong place to post
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    I am not so fond of long squeeze pages as my "short" squeeze pages usually tend to do better in terms of conversions than longer squeeze pages.

    What I mean by a short squeeze page is just a headline (maybe a sub-headline too) and the email box. That's it. Just make sure that this means that your headline has to be top notch, so see other people's squeeze pages and make a file on your laptop and name it "Swipe" where you post headlines from different sources and test them.

    Don't take my words for it, make a short and long squeeze page and split test Make sure you drive enough traffic though as some people tend to be inpatient.

    Always aim for at least 40% conversions (40 people out of every 100 fill out their email address). I had some squeeze pages which got me over 80% conversion rate but that isn't typical.

    Best Regards
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