What should I do when updating 150+ posts on my site?

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I was completely new to this a few years ago so I did most everything wrong at the start but have been slowly picking things up much thanks to everyone here at WF for the advice and tips (much appreciated!).

Here's my situation. The other day I had a ranking performed on my site and it showed only 58 indexed pages which surprised me because I have over 250 posts since 2012. But then it got me thinking since I only started using the SEO Yoast plugin for the past six months, maybe I should go back to my old posts and input a focus keyword, meta description, etc and update all those pages. I still have 150+ posts/articles that are still showing the red SEO circle beside them since each does not have a meta description or focus keyword.

Therefore, this past week I have been going back and re-editing each post (oldest first) for keyword, <h1,2,3> tags, image alt tags, title, etc. Once updated I take that link and send to the 5 social media avenues I actively use: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and WeHeartIt.

My question is, since I'm taking the time editing each post (about 45 mins each), is there anything else I should do while I'm tinkering with each of these posts? Or anything else I might be overlooking? I would hate to have to go back and reopen them all just to insert or edit something else. I already have a newsletter signup area below each post, a picture/bio, and links to other related posts.

Also, I was thinking about increasing my social media connections and start using others and I've read here about some services that automate this for you. My thinking was instead of just 5 SM links per post (what I now get) why not use a service like onlywire or social monkee and get 50+ links per post. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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    Are you signed up with Google Webmaster Tools? Has your site been penalized or are parts of it otherwise uncrawlable? You can learn that with Google Webmaster Tools.

    All of your posts should be indexed by Google. If they aren't, you have some major problem going on (that may be easily fixed - but maybe not if it's a penalty).

    Search Google for site:yoursite.com and see how many pages are indexed. And if you aren't signed up to Google Webmaster Tools, do that, and then learn how to read the info they give you.
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      Just did the search and it said 330 results so I guess they are all there. Maybe that "rank service" was trying to scare me into a sale.... sneaky people. But I still think going back and updating the SEO stuff is important and might as well do that.

      I have signed up with Google webmaster tools awhile ago but honestly have not used it. For keyword terms I have been using MicroNicheFinder for the past year but I guess I should look into what the Google tools could provide me too.
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    I'd still check Google Webmaster Tools quickly to see if they've sent you any notifications about any penalties.

    But yeah -- getting your posts better SEOed can probably help. There's plenty of info around to help with that -- titles, sub titles, interlinking, site structure, etc.

    You may need some good, clean off-page SEO too -- i.e. links from reputable places. Is your content good? (I mean REALLY good?) That's the only way anyone reputable will ever even consider linking to you.
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    Thanks... I will check to see if there are any notifications.

    I think my content is pretty good, but it's hard to critique your own work :-) I submit my articles to EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticleRich, and also get edu and Yahoo Q&A answers pointed to the posts I'm keyword targeting with low competition/decent monthly searches.

    I still need to start Forum/Blog posting and finding others that may syndicate my articles, but that's still in the works. I have compiled a list of about 90 related sites/owners so far (boy that's time consuming!) that I will individually email this summer when I have some more time to devote to this (I'm a teacher :-) but I have already written the article along with the letter I plan to send.
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    I just checked Webmaster tools and there were no notifications, however my site wasn't connected to my profile - it is now and I used that button to submit a site map - now pending indexing. Thanks Trivum!

    Anyone else advice about do's/don'ts when updating these 150+ pages? And if I should use something like onlywire (or other service) to benefit from the extra links?
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