How to hone your language skills?

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Dear Warriors,

I'm looking to get better at English. I am a blogger and although my English is okay for a foreigner, I like it to be better.

What methods would you suggest in order to improve my English (specifically directed towards the writing of English)?

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    Read Read Read. That's the one of the best ways to improve your English.

    Also, watch a lot of English programs, if you'd like to improve your communication skills.

    If you want to hone your writing skills, do just that. Start writing a lot, and you'll get better at it every day.

    Practice makes a man perfect, as you know.
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    Also watching movies and series with english voice and subs helps a lot.
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  • Have you tried Rosetta Stone?
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      Originally Posted by MidnightMarketing View Post

      Have you tried Rosetta Stone?
      Rosetta Stone is good, but I doubt it can significantly improve reading/writing skills.
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        Originally Posted by Chosen2013 View Post

        Rosetta Stone is good, but I doubt it can significantly improve reading/writing skills.
        That's true

        Rosetta Stone is for beginners and new learners and I believe OP is not a new learner.
        The best practice to improve skills in any language is to watch movies, news and read more in that language.
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    Make a few friends on Skype with some native English speakers and have regular conversations. There are groups of people who want to learn languages that match, for example, a Spanish speaker with an English speaker. All you have to do is chat with each other in one language and then switch over to speak in the other person's language.

    Nothing improves language skills faster than actually having conversations with a native speaker of the language you want to learn.

    Here is one link: Polyglot Club Official Website - Find a friend to exchange languages! but search for others. I would recommend a search along the lines of, "Skype language learning." Also there is a great book by Benny Lewis called "Fluent in Three Months."

    If you go the Skype route, remember that the Spanish spoken in Cuba is very different from the Spanish spoken in Spain, and English spoken in the US is different from the English spoken in the UK.
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    Your writing seems pretty good, so I would join places, such as italki, that connect you with English speakers trying to learn your native language. This will allow you to Skype with others to start absorbing the language even further.

    Read books, watch movies and enhance your vocabulary. Memrise and Anki are great ways to increase your vocabulary.
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