Affiliate Marketing Problem

by Uberam
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i'm interested in affiliate marketing.

i just wanted to know from you experienced warriors what is the biggest challenge facing affiliate marketers? that is, what's the main thing to overcome to make good money from it?

your wise words would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Uberam

    In my opinion your biggest hurdles are:

    Taking action, staying focused and productivity.

    My advice would be to stick with one method until you know it inside out before moving on to another. (Most people starting out jump around too much and never succeed at any method.)

    Choose a method and stick with it until you make your first $100 days! Before you move on.

    Good luck, Antoni
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    Yeah taking action is big, stop being lazy and just do it remember good is better than perfect! Its better out there than nothing right ?
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    Picking the right product and then finding the PERFECT customer that is
    already looking for that kind of product is the HARDEST thing to accomplish.



    You can take FULL advantage of a professional marketers HARD WORK
    that they do to create sales copy that's been TESTED & optimized to convert,
    a product that is HIGH quality and any up-sells that are added into that funnel too.

    SO YOU'RE ALREADY HALF WAY THERE when you're using affiliate products.

    But of course YOU STILL have to do your part by finding out where those targeted
    leads and future customers who actually NEED & WANT what you have to offer


    Affiliate marketing sounds easy enough but you've gotta get your feet wet and be
    willing to make a few mistakes but keep going and learn from those mistakes until
    you find that perfect formula for increasing your conversions.
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    My advice would be to discipline yourself into becoming LASER FOCUSED and not get overwhelmed by all the noise that's out there. There are TONS of ways to move forward with Affiliate Marketing, so I would choose one and stick with only one until I'm making a good amount of money. All of the ways to execute Affiliate Marketing work very well, you just need to choose one and focus on only one while ignoring everything else.

    Hope this helps a bit!
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    My biggest hurdle in affiliate marketing is picking the right product. With so many to choose from you can somewhat get overwhelmed.

    Anyway, good luck and success to you diving into affiliate marketing
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    Awesome guys - thanks so much *rolls sleeves up*

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    Pick the right business model, be it a service-based model, product-based or membership-based . Focus on a particular niche in that business and just pick ONE nice, either you're familiar about something or have an interest in something. From there you'll have more of an understanding on who your target market is. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to generate leads and be successful. Stay FOCUSED and keep being CONSISTENT and remember to keep learning and not to give up!
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