Uploading Images? Could use a hand

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First time putting up a site in a long time.

I've forgotten how to upload images.

So I've got my dreamweaver (something similar) open and I have added an image.

I've also uploaded that image to my file manager.

But the image is not showing up.

What step did I miss?

Thanks in advance you guys always rock.

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    Right click on the image (that is not working) and see if you can get the path of the image like /images/image1.jpg. Then double check to see if you uploaded to the right place. Sometimes I use Filezilla for uploading as it is a little simpler to use than Dreamweaver.
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    So what HTML code did you use for your image? Here's an example of the correct syntax:

    <img src="http://www.mysite.com/images/sunset.gif" />
    Of course this assumes that you uploaded the image to a folder inside your root folder called "images". And don't forget that the web runs on UNIX, not on Windows - therefore capitalization matters. Your image won't show if you:
    * Misspell the image name
    * Use the wrong case in the image name
    * Make a file path mistake

    Hope this helps...
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    The above sounds right. Check and make sure you uploaded the pictures to the right file directory folder. You also need to make sure you got your HTML code right.

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    do you use FPT or cPanel for uploading your images ?

    cPanel is slower, but it always works for me
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