The Secret to Writing Successful Ads on Craigslist

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I used to think that if I just post ads on Craigslist and never use keywords in my ads, I could get traffic to my ad regardless if my ad didn't contain keywords.

I also thought that most Craigslist users find other peoples ads through browsing the categories.

HOWEVER, I recently found out that...

Users rarely if ever find your ads browsing through the categories. Users use Craigslist just like they use Google - they type search queries in the Craigslist search engine.

So boy, was I dead wrong!

So this is why I was posting tons of ads on Craigslist everyday and never getting any calls.

You have to use the keywords!

The question is... How do you systematically find out which keywords to use in your titles and description?
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    I'd also like to know how you avoid getting your ads ghosted/removed. Even if you post in the correct section and follow all the rules, if people flag your post, it will be removed.
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    You have to choose proper keyword which is competitive and comes in Google search.....
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    Keywords are just 1 part.

    Don't think that all traffic, or most traffic comes from searches. People, and tons of them, still search in categories. You might've posted a ton, but not in the right places... or your ads might've got ghosted, flagged, etc.
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    HI All,

    I am too much upset with Craigslist Flagging ..even i am using Different US IP, Unique Title, Unique Content, posting timing interval and follow all guidelines but still facing same problem again and again please help me to fix this situation.
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      I would take your keyword strategy a step further by positioning your primary keyword towards the beginning of your ad title and also the beginning of your ad body.

      We always help our posting clients by optimizing their ad content not only to embed target keywords but also to help them avoid using the trigger words and trigger characters that would increase their flagging risk.

      As far as flagging/ghosting risk, avoid placing links or email addresses in the text portion of your ad. Instead, place them in the accompanying ad image.

      Feel free to contact me
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    I actually pay for my ads on Craigslist to avoid all the flagging, ghosting and other CRAP! It costs me $25 for an to run in the jobs section (where I post most of the time) where I post for my opportunities. I don't overstuff the keywords or commercialize the content, but for every $25 ad I post, I usually end up with about 35 - 45 leads that result in good quality.

    Just my two cents.
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