Landing pages - to WP or not to WP?

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Hi all,

I have been lurking, learning, and strategizing for some time on this forum as well as reading blogs and taking courses. I think I am now ready to take a run at affiliate marketing (with possible future forays into CPA).

I plan on generally doing the following:

1. Research niches to find products that have volume purchases but aren't saturated.

2. Build multiple landing pages, and a blog entry on a "great products" kind of blog.

3. Use CPC, FB, etc. and organic blog traffic to drive traffic. Honestly, if I can make positive profits from CPC and FB, I would rather focus on that rather than a blog, but still figuring that out.

4. Split test the landing pages to optimize my conversions.

5. Scale if it works, ditch it if it doesn't.

So, here is my question: Should I use Wordpress with a Landing Page plugin of some type, or should I just stick to using HTML and FTP'ing the files up once I created them? Or, maybe even another tool? I am comfortable with HTML. But, if there are additional features in WP (tracking pixel, etc.) that is worth using that instead, I would lean that way.

I like the control and simplicity of just using HTML, but the features of WP with an LP plugin is also appealing. I plan to, when ramped up, try to get 2-3 products a week up on split tested landing pages, so I will really be cranking them out.

Which approach do you recommend?

Thank you for taking the time to read and any feedback/guidance you can provide.
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    As for using html landing pages or wordpress it doesn't really make a difference as long as you can easily split test your landing pages. Wordpress is mostly used by people who don't know html to create their own landing pages so they use plugins to make it easy.

    If you prefer the easy apporach and want to create multiple LP's each week then you might want to use wordpress, since you can basically create a landing page in a couple of minutes
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      I've tried using the html page-type approach, and I have also used various content management systems, but I believe WordPress is the best option for what you want to do.

      You will be able to create all the pages you need more quickly with WordPress than by any other route. There are plugins for just about anything you will want to do, and themes that will let you make your pages look the way you want.

      I didn't give WordPress a chance for far too long because I thought it was just for "blogging". It's clear now that WordPress is much more versatile than that.

      Most people who talk about internet / online marketing seem to assume that you will be using WordPress anyway, which says a lot. Go WP!
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    If you are going to be doing any sort of volume I would suggest getting Optimize Press, the amount of hassle it saves is well worth it.
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    you sell off html

    you plug off wp/forums

    landing pages on html with hd video

    the rest is promo tools
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      I believe regardless of whether or not you want to hard code it yourself or use third party stuff, It all boils down to your offer.

      If the offer is right... you can have it handwritten in crayon.

      Good Luck,

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