Quick question for anyone that has sold on Flippa

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When you sell a site/domain, what do you do with the Escrow.com fees?

Do you:
  • split fees with the buyer
  • have buyer pay fee
  • you pay full fee

I have an auction ending today and I'm trying to figure out what is the standard operating procedure.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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    I only buy domains

    Would never sell one

    (First 1000 names I registered at 100 bucks each around 1995 with netsol)

    Anyway, cheap domains are usually just paypal under 1K

    I've done PP up to 5K though

    Escrow.com is negotiable, seller may ask buyer to pay all, they may split or the buyer can say I want PP (if it's under 5K) so the extra cost is on you if you want to take escrow.com

    Now if I sold domains which I would never do unless it's to a public company where they buy the whole biz I put onto a domain, which means it would be mega millions, a typical seller never burned by pp chargebacks will allow pp deals.

    Once burnt you realize escrow.com is the way to go on anything over 500 probably as a 'seller'.

    PP allows chargebacks too easy so escrow is how you should 'sell' domains.

    Like I said I'm always the buyer and I love PP

    It costs me nothing to use PP so for me as a buyer PP is the best

    But a seller for peace of mind, escrow.com is the best and you can absorb it, split it or demand the other side pays it.
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    I split with buyer. It protects both of you, not just the seller.
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      I'm the seller. It's a domain listing. Currently at $465 with 5 hours left. I think it will go for under $1k... I have 40 watchers on the listing.

      I guess I will use Escrow.com and split with the buyer. I'll post something in the comments on the listing indicating that payment is with Escrow.com with buyer/seller split.

      I'm not comfortable with using Paypal. I don't think they offer protection for digital goods.

      Thanks for the advice!
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    Yep. Paypal offers zero protection and if they wanted to keep your domain and file a chargeback, there's nothing you could do to get the money for the domain or to get the domain back.
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