Need critique on my website

by wr29 4 replies
Hi, i'm newbie on the net.

Please critisize my site (, so I can build a better site.
Thank You

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    Looks ok and has potential.

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    Hi wr29,

    You took a slightly different approach there, but all in all it looks good and conveys your message across in a simple way. What else you can ask for huh? :p

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      Mama Mia!

      There are like 1,000 Pictures on there!

      Make sure you optimize your site to make it load fast even for dial up users.

      Overall, it looks good.
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    I have to compliment you if this is your first attempt... nice look and design. I think it's a good concept also.

    Now for some criticism: Maybe I'm not your targetted visitor but I didn't get a clue what it's all about. Unless you're only expecting targetted visitors you need an introduction to explain what your site is about and how it works.

    There seems to be a technical bug. When I clicked on Internet Business a box opened that followed my cursor around the screen. Good technique but the text in the box was greyed out and nearly impossible to read.

    I'm not too sure about the site's left alignment. If you're going to use this type of design I would go for a centered body and a 100% width header. Make your center body 800px and you've got a good display for all monitors.

    Again, this is a really nice start that can get even better with a few small improvements.
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