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I have an affiliate product that is a blueprint for step-by-step mmo.

It's really great and includes just about everything which makes it difficult to think up a bonus to offer people so they will make the leap.

I have taken it and can say with all honesty that it is wonderful and really think that it is a bona fide product worth the money.

It would be for people who have come to the conclusion that online business is indeed a business and NOT a "get rich quick" place.

The product is a monthly membership or pay yearly.
has weekly coaching
they build your first site for you
free hosting
etc. etc. etc.

QUESTION: What could I possibly offer that could help me sell this? What is missing, or what would enhance this?

I would like to come up with something BIG and *no-brainer* but all ideas are definitely appreciated
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    Maybe you can include some case studies of your own success with this program. Package them up.. show over your should your actions and the mindset you were in to have success with this program.

    Like a mini video course of your personal case studies or something.
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    What about a comparison chart? Your affiliate product vs. other popular MMO products? (I can't help but think of games when you first wrote MMO, haha) Chances are, people are reviewing lots of products to see what the "real deal" is, so pitting yours against theirs is a surefire way to make them see how much more they get in terms of value from the product you're offering.
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    You could also buy up some PLR Wordpress plugin packages if WordPress happens to fall into your blueprint. If you deal with websites at all maybe a graphics package or something they can use on their site would be useful.

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    Do a post on here asking if any JV's would want to include their products as bonus with your offer... As long as there products are relevant to your topic, then this could be something viable.

    Heck, depending on your product... I would let you give out one of my products as a bonus.

    Good Luck,

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    You could offer some things that most people don't know how to do when they get started, like for example:

    1) A custom squeeze page for their own business
    2) Done-for-you traffic (a certain number of clicks or specific dollar value) to a website of their choice.
    3) Additional products from vendors you have a relationship with and are ok with you including it as a bonus.
    4) A call via Skype where they can ask you questions and you help them out with your experience.

    The list could go on and on but you catch my drift

    Hope this helps!
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    Cynthia, I have a number of products that could prove to be useful to you. Sent you a PM.

    We are looking to launch our product through exclusive Distributors, Regional Developers and Joint Venture Partnerships,Check out Distributor Opportunities.
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    I guess a good bonus is a bit of your personal time like an hour coaching call with you or a chat on skype. This way you you offer the most precious thing you have, your time!
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    Video case studies work really well. I'd try and create a few of these and post them on your site.
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      Wow! Great ideas!

      You really have me thinking now

      Thank you

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