Anyone buy and sell domains full time ?

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I have been in the marketing game for a few years now and really enjoy it. I am very intrigued by the domain market and have read numerous topics on the subject.

I however am looking for a mentor or someone that continues making sales on a weekly basis. I want to learn everything and anything about it. I have a lot of ideas for marketing the domains so I have buyers within days after listing them for sale but lack the knowledge of what domains to buy.

Any strategies or ebooks/courses you recommend ?
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    Warrior Gene Pimentel runs Domain Profits Academy.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Dude the big players might not sell a domain for years.

    Then MEGA MILLIONS in one deal.

    Weekly domain sales?

    Oh, ok, you're a 'domainer'. a wanna be domain name investor.

    The players don't have to sell weekly, they own mega million buck domains.

    We hold thousands of keyword domains and BUY almost weekly, no reason to sell GOLD it's only going up in value, development is the game now.

    Fools sold assets that are worth a lot today, and a few still hold major undeveloped assets, but the money now is in big development of keywords.

    My 2.5 cents.

    Good luck selling weekly.
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    This article was written by my friend from school. Check out "fact number 6"

    Eight weird domain name facts - Telegraph
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    I would suggest spending some time at

    There are very few people who can earn a living buying and selling domains full time. There is a finite market for domains, and a relatively small universe of appealing and valuable domains to sell.

    Generally speaking, you make your money when you buy them right. But, as the above poster said, you may not sell it for months or years, if ever.

    My advice is to focus on a niche, one that you are already intimately familiar with, and try to dominate it. And be prepared to invest a bit for a while without any returns.

    Good luck,
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      1995 was the era to get on that gravy train.

      But you can still make dough in the game.

      Read up on TLD's, lots of new TLD's.

      Prefix speculation and development is a nice area to learn and invest.

      If you have 7 or 8 figures behind you, you can still find great investments of major potential portals.

      A lot of large portfolio owners need dough to keep their portfolios so they often blow out some real gems. Look around SEDO and make OFFERS.
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    Thanks for all the posts guys! Yeah I know it is tough to get in the game of domain selling but not impossible. With the new ideas, more abstract and out of the box thinking along with some initial investment to find the right domains, I think this is still a booming business. Keep the comments coming, Hoping to find as much information on it as possible. I work hard at new niches of mine and will make it a goal to profit off of this.
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    There's a lot of new extensions coming out that are intriguing. If anything, you could try to find out the potential of those new domains. Otherwise, I'd say the market is pretty saturated.
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      Originally Posted by gferrand View Post

      There's a lot of new extensions coming out that are intriguing. If anything, you could try to find out the potential of those new domains. Otherwise, I'd say the market is pretty saturated.
      You couldn't be anymore wrong. The domain market place is in no way saturated. I say this because millions of domains get bought and sold on a daily basis. If it was saturated, no one besides a select few would be making a profit. It is just a tricky game to get involved in if you have no investment to start with, that is if you want to deal with top domain names. People hold on to hundreds of high profitable domains until the right buyer comes across it.

      Still looking for some knowledgeable feedback from people who flip domains for a side job or full time. I wouldn't mind speaking with a mentor.
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    I have been buying and selling domains for years. Your best bed is go to a place like name bio and see what are market OR wholesale prices. Domain Name Sales History - NameBio . Know that Wholesale is 10-15% of retail, then don't overbuy, and be ready to sit and hold for 5+ years before you get a retail offer. Too many people assume a wholesaler will pay retail, so know who you are dealing with.

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    I have been into this business but only for couple of months, you have to be creative, quick and patience to sell it back at right time.
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