Biggest Issues with Video/Video Marketing?

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Hey warriors, not here to promote anything, just curious to see what everyone's biggest issues are dealing with video creation and video marketing??

What tools are you guys using to market/profit from videos? What would you love to see created or at least taken down in price?

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    You got to be careful of any music if you post to youtube, they slap their ads on anything that might be claimed under a copyright.

    We have tons of royalty free music we bought in the 1990's with the first generaiton of NLE's for videos.

    All claimed the music they gave us was royalty free and free to put into anything we created.

    Well guess what now all that music is being slapped with ads on youtube.

    Luckily we have our own music label so we can use our artists stuff now we have agreements with.

    But music on videos is a no no unless you own it.

    Even if it's background noise and just for an intro or whatever.

    You can even try to use classics and such and youtube hits it with an ad.

    The last thing you want is google ads on any real IM videos, unless you think adsense is making money, and it's not.
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    The only problems I have is trying to rank a video when there is too much competition...Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew!
    Powerful Blogging & SEO related content published weekly...Follow the journey here:
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