team work in marketing

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hey guys,

are you having a marketing team?

how many people do you think is the best for a marketing team?

about the efficiency, what do you think the best team work tactics?

I think dividing the parts then work alone is awesome for me.

Some people think discussion is good.

What is your team work tactics?

I really want to know ideas about building a good team for the business.

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    It's all about communication and providing your team and the people under you with exceptional value. You and your team have to be on the same page in order to create buzz and synergy...Having the right team can be very effective especially if you're in network marketing!
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    It does not matter how many are on the team as long as ther is good organization and good communiation. If everyone is talking and giving feedback is works great.

    Anne L
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    Make sure they know YOU'RE the boss. Hold them accountable in your business, and make sure they meet deadlines.
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  • The hardest part with working with a team is getting the deadlines of tasks met in a reasonable time table. If someone turns into the human road block on completion, then you can get dissension among the group, and it goes downhill from there.
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    I personally would prefer having a VA just dealing with aspects of the whole operation as much as possible. And if need be, perhaps hiring another one to help out. This helps to save on cost and ensure you hire the best people.
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    how many people do you think is the best for a marketing team?


    You can only have one marketer.

    The rest are gophers.
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