Bad news for facebook aplications

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Facebook application info.

I just read the new api 1 changes that start in a year time
But if your app was built in may 2014 then you know need to use
Api 2 and there big changes example the user got control if
They want other apps using or seeing there uid or email address
Also any body got a App need to explain each query to Facebook
What it for and get permission.

So in 2015 the new api 2 comes in effect, unless your app is
New before may 2014 then you use the api 1 update and new rules
Loads changing.....

So in essence facebook has gavin the users security control
Over there user id And emails , all settings will be default off
And it up to the user to turn them on.
Anything that a user can control and wants to security control
Will be able to....

So example if goto a website and want to login with
The Facebook sign we all see on websites but have the setting in
Facebook turned to off i want be able to login i have to switch it on
Then i can login with the Facebook logo on websites
So i got security control over my face book settings

Also users can switch all database info off that
Plug into the api 1 or 2 .

Also Facebook are stopping all friend lists being seen via
Other friends 2015 .part of api 2

Bummer for all apps really..

Remember Facebook was to add your friends
To have fun and see there friends for fun but
It been so abused buy advertisers and spammers
Facebook getting like google a tidy up and unfortunately
It will hit the pocket of internet marketers.

Sorry if you don't understand my sentencing.....
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