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I have over the past few months, received a lot of PM's from different people wanting to break into the ghostwriting niche.

It seems that a lot of people have the same questions,

How much should I charge?
How do I find clients who pay higher rates?
What should I do about [fill in the blanks]

Normally, I just get onto skype or email and give them the answers.

But with so many people asking would anyone be interested in having a coaching package, where you learn all about ghostwriting, how to price your work, know where to find clients, and answers to all the other questions.

Would anyone be interested, and what type of things would you like to cover?

Create your own coaching package.
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    It sounds like a good idea, I have a ton of advice I could offer but I don't know exactly..hm..
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      From a buyers point of view, I think it's an excellent idea and
      I'd be very happy to contribiute as a webinar speaker if there
      is sufficient demand.

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        Hello Bev,

        I was one of those people you gave some advice to. :-)

        >>what type of things would you like to cover?

        In my answers, I’m presuming you’re focusing on Web content.

        In addition pricing guidelines and ideas on where to find clients, I think it would also be good to include tips on staying organized, meeting deadlines, and writing faster without sacrificing quality. I used to write and translate for magazines, businesses, and universities and although I’m a slow writer I *never, never* missed a deadline because I didn’t have to take on so much work in order to pay the bills.

        With content writing, I made the mistake of charging too little and found myself working all day, yet still falling behind schedule. It was miserable.

        If you have ideas on how to help people enter this field with some savings or other income online or at least from home, I’m sure that would help. There ARE people who are looking for quality and they aren’t so hard to find, if you can write well, at least $10/article should not be so hard to get.
        At least, that's what I've discovered.

        >>Would anyone be interested
        I may never really have been in your target market here, considering my background, but this content writing thing is not for me.

        My problems is that I don’t understand how it works financially. (Forgive my US-centric analysis, but I don’t enough about the UK.) Let’s say the average income in the US is $40USD a year and add on at least 15% for self-employment tax so you end up with $40K/year net. So, say, $3800/mo. At $23 per article (I averaged out your prices), you’d need write 165 articles a month, which works out to 6.3 a day if you take one day a week off. As I say, I'm a slow writer, but still 6 a day seems like a lot. Wouldn't quality suffer? Wouldn't one burn out? I’ve got to be missing something…

        I think it would be useful to include a plan for how to earn an average income as a content ghostwriter, so people don’t end up starting an “impossible business” (like I did…against your advice. :-) ) There are so many lost souls over at DigitalPoint writing for $3 an article...
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          John, the webinar sounds like a great idea.

          MrSleep thanks, would love to hear from you.

          Geshem I appreciate all you have said, that has been really helpful. I agree with you about the content writing based on the way you have calculated it. But, there are other ways of increasing your income as a writer which are more profitable. A plan would be top of my list, as it is something I do as well.

          Our writing (my husband & I) for clients is only some of the income we have. A lot of our income for writing comes from other means.

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            >>Our writing (my husband & I) for clients is only some of the income we have. A lot of our income for writing comes from other means.

            Oh, I understand that. I was just thinking if your market research tells you your coaching clients want to earn a full-time income, it might be useful to include some different ways to make money from writing for those who want to make a full time living writing online. Or at least point out that most full-timers also, say, sell infoproducts or whatever. That's of course, if your market reseatells you the people signing up want to write full time.

            Good luck with the program, if you decide to go ahead with it.
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