JVZOO - Signin Problems Are You Having Continous Problems Like Me ?

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Am I The Only One Having Continous Signin Problems For Customer or Purchase Logins

It appears every time I turn around I am constantly asking for password reset ...turning to be a real problem, being that when I need to get in as a customer to gain access to my products or review affiliate products I can not do so at that moment so it is frustrating because I have to postpone that task till I resolve the issue with support, I hope they resolve this problem.

I am now trying to get in and NO SHOW ...have to reset password again and contact support because when the password is reset it still does not work !
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    I just tried a minute ago to log into my JVZoo's account.
    It is working smoothly. I see no difficulties or technical glitches.
    I think you should write a ticket to their tech guys to resolve this issue for you.

    Good luck,

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    I've never had a problem with JVZ and just signed in without one.
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      No problems here, either.

      What I've done though, is I set my browser (Chrome) to remember my password so that I'm always logged in and I bookmarked the page I visit most so that whenever I need to get in, it's just a click away and I don't need to keep logging in.

      Hope that helps.

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    I am going to write a support ticket to them right now, frustrating becomes it stops me from moving on with my work

    Thanks for feedback...well something is going on on my end hope I find out what the issue is
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    I've had this problem with jvzoo in the past, everything you do bring you to login screen, when you do password reset it doesn't send the email to reset.

    Honestly I've tried everything when that happened I contacted Jvzoo they said everything was fine, i contacted them again and said it wasn't working and they didn't answer me, I actually sent them 5 tickets and they continuously ignore me because they didn't know how to fix it.

    But it fixed itself within 6-7 days, I hope you won't have to wait that long, but unfortunately it has happened in the past.

    best of luck to you, I think it might be a glitch try from another browser, maybe internet explorer or safari.

    cheers jeanmarc
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    Ok yanib and jmarc..

    Yanib,,thanks for feedback will try that and jmarc thanks for letting me know it is not me alone try yanib suggestions...
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    Jump on their official Facebook group and they will get you sorted out.
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    Now l avoid buying products through JVzoo. l can't login - email/password was not correct. l try to retrieve my password and my email is not recognized neither is my PayPal transaction ID. This happens with each and every purchase. It really sucks.

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