Is a product sample the way to go?

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Hello fellow Warriors, I have a question to ask you guys. I'm in the process of creating a website to sell an eBook that I've written a little while ago (It was on Kindle, but I had to wait until the kdp select program expired). I've taken it off Kindle Direct Publishing a few weeks ago.

ANYWAY, the question that I wanted to ask is whether I should give a sample of the first few pages of the book away for free. I feel as if it will entice people to want to know more and lead to them buying the book.

What are your guys opinions?

All responses are appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    I say why not. I've purchased a couple books after reading the first few pages, so I know the strategy works when put in front of the right audience.
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      You can write a good sales letter about the ebook. This is one of the ways to attract the buyers .
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    One of the main new websites is that they don't offer a free trial,I'd suggest you to give some pages(the most interesting pages)or some fantastic paragraphs
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    It depends. What's important is the information you give away. If you give away too much then people will disappear as they go to consume that information. So what you want to do is give away a short portion of your book (that can easily be consumed in just a few minutes) that creates a natural urge for them to want to read on.
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    one of a successful lady warrior here gave away a few pages ebook as a sample upfront before making huge sales, moreover if you think you still don't have credibility and you're still a mr X for the visitors, that's a good way to boost your sales.

    Sample is a good strategy anyway

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    You Bet...great way to sell. I have bought several that way...Bob
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    You bet, that ios a great way to sell. I have bought several that way...Bob
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      WillR always gives great advice!
      - Perhaps just give a little teaser of your book - not even pages, even a few choice paragraphs could potentially be enough to entice people to buy.
      Good luck!
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        I know people quite often like to get an idea on what is in a book. Being able to to browse a few pages online and perhaps a listing of the chapters would certainly help with a decision to buy.

        Look how how people choose books offline, they like to get a feel of what they are buying and online is no different.

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    Sample pages or paragraphs could be extremely useful in wetting one's appetite to encourage a sale. However, the sample must be enticing. Should indicate how you will address what the reader is looking for. But don't give away the farm in the process.
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    Sample must be attracting and should have genuine look and be like attractive towards readers. This is a great thing to bring buyers in the competition.
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    So long as you're confident about your content, yes.

    Amazon certainly think it's a good idea with their "Look inside" feature.

    Maybe because if you were browsing in a real book shop that's what you'd do before deciding whether or not to buy.

    And of course food companies do it all the time with those tasters at the supermarket.
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    It depends on those first few pages I'd guess. Is it enticing enough to want them consume the whole book? If it is, then those few pages will do your selling for you.

    But, do make sure you don't give the meat of the solution(s) you're offering in your book, as that would be counter-productive.
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    That would be a fantastic way to kick start your sales..

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