Amazon Daily Trends Report - Unusual Pattern In Data

by finman
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I recently graphed one years worth of Amazon "Daily Trend" data on an excel spread sheet. I have attached the graph as an image.

The graph shows date on the horizontal axis and "clicks" and "items ordered on amazon on the vertical axis. On Dec 27 I had an unusual spike of 327 clicks. Upon looking at the graph it is clearly evident that after dec 27 (327 click day) a pattern begins on the graph. Over and over it is 2 days of low clicks and then one day high.

My question then of course became - Why after dec 27 does this pattern occur in my number of clicks? Have i been penalized by some sort of algorithm? Hijacked maybe? I chatted with amazon but they were not much help.

If someone could kindly shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wouldn't the best course be to match your traffic, more importantly the sources, to the dates? If that is possible. See where the traffic is coming from on all dates to see a pattern. That's what I would do.

    Don't see how you can verify you get "penalized" every other day.
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      I've never seen this myself, but Ron's right -- if you're able to match your traffic to your Amazon clicks you'd be a lot closer to figuring this out.

      One thing I do is have Google Analytics register an event every time someone clicks on a link that sends them to Amazon (or any other of my affiliate links).

      If you're using Google Analytics, something like this should work:

      onclick="ga(\'send\',\'event\', \'Affiliate\', \'Click\', \'\');"
      I can then correlate the clicks I count with the clicks Amazon counts.
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