Internet marketing is just like going to School! lol

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The whole internet marketing thing is more like school.
At first you need to get a good education and become a expert.
Then you apply your knowledge to create a profitable business.
The entire information product business is a education business.
The only difference is that there is no physical classroom
The knowledge is transferred online via ebooks and information products
You are actually teaching people something via your ebooks and information products.
So instead of viewing yourself as a marketer, think yourself as a teacher
Your job is to teach the world about whatever topic you want to teach about.
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    I think they like to define their self as a "Couch" more then a teacher

    But I hear your point!
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      I agree.

      Several years ago, Internet Marketing/SEO used to be much simpler. The world of Internet Marketing has changed a lot and it is constantly changing. It's like you're in school all the time.
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        Yep. Couldn't agree more.

        Marketing is like any other career path, it takes time and dedication to learn and even more time and dedication to master!

        I think it's funny how people come into this and expect to get rich by next week.

        Oh yeah, it takes lots of STUPID mistakes as well sometimes to finally get things right.

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      Originally Posted by AidenTingley View Post

      I think they like to define their self as a "Couch" more then a teacher

      But I hear your point!
      I don't know about others here but I don't like calling myself a "couch". Rather, I'm a coach. :p
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    Internet marketing is all about the marketing that you get from the online marketing or simply called E-marketing. This is a vast type of marketing having some great scope for many users.

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    Exactly... like being at school where I was bullied and got into all sorts of trouble ahahah I hated school! but yeah Its so true!!!

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  • Good discussion here. I could not agree more. Learning internet marketing online requires not only time but also patience, effort, dedication, and most especially a lot of room for mistakes. Yes mistakes. During my own self learning of IM, I think that there is no single solution nor right or wrong in IM, only a trial and error. It's a risk that you must take to know if that system works for you or not.
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    Yep exactly except with internet marketing the main difference is your building yourself a nice little online business and making money with school your donating money to the school for your education
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    Good point, except that with IM you won't need to wait for decades to turn a positive ROI ; also you'll be building your own assets while learning
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    That's exactly how we should view IM. We are here to help eachother by teaching whta we have learned.

    It's a never ending cycle of opportunities
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    Great Point! And the learning never matter how good you get at it, because there's always something new just around the corner
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    But where's my diploma? I wanna graduate already! J/K

    Seriously though, it's been a painful road, but no matter how it turns out in the end I wouldn't want to erase the years I've spent learning some of the ins and outs of this thing called IM. It's been frustrating, but it's been fun too.
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    Yes, think of it as you are a solutions provider and give value and more value.

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    Agreed, and the moment you think you've graduated, you will realize you've only moved onto grad school

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