Step by Step guide to collecting emails - I have the traffic - not sure how to set this up

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Hi everyone,

Our website gets about 500 visitors per month.

I want to add some kind of email collection box/advertisement on my site.

I was thinking of just going with a static advertisement - I have seen popups, scroll type ads etc and just want to go with something static.

What software do you I use to collect the email addresses and should I be emailing them of something of value as soon as they give me their email address or just hold onto it for a newsletter. My thinking was to give me your email address and you receive top ten secrets for xyz. If I do this do I send them all 10 points in one email after that? How do I set it up to automatically send out this initial email and then how do I manage the list after that. Not sure what software to use or who I can get to design me a capture ad.

thanks in advance for your help everyone!
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    Heres the basics for ya.

    Get a paid autoresponder like Aweber
    Create a free report like the top ten list you mentioned
    give it away in return for there email

    You can use something like magic action box to collect the emails (free plugin)

    I'd also have a followup series in place so you can train them to open your emails, so when you do send them affiliate links, they open the heck up and you can make some moooooooolaaaaa!
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      Aweber gives you the optin form. It gives you different optin layouts. you can choose one among them and copy paste the code in the side section of your website. Once the user enters the email and name, that will be stored in the aweber list. Then you can create a followup series for that list.
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    Build A Squeeze Page In Your Website or Place an opt in form there

    And make an ebook and give it your new subscribers for FREE because people love free quality

    And come in practise and best of luck
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    All You Need To Do Is Blogging 1 Hour A Day...!
    Lets Connect On FaceBook And I Will SHow You How You Can Use Blogging To Make Your Living !
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    You can find a lot of squeeze page templates online, instabuilder and optimizepress come to mind, though instabuilder is a wordpress plugin, and not a theme.

    As for collecting and automating the emailing, use either getresponse or aweber. Do a comparison on both and choose the one you like best (both are good).

    These services are called autoresponder services and they allow you to build an opt-in list and store them (they allow for double opt-in too) and then send emails to your subscribers (either broadcast emails or scheduled emails). They have tutorials that'll teach you how to do things, so take a look at it, it's not hard.

    Yes, you should offer something to get their email. Your squeeze page should offer them something irresistible in your niche, to get their emails. You can also mention that you'll send regular tips/tricks for your subscribers, so they'll be prepared for it.

    You could also split up a single course into many parts and mail the parts to them every day/week (much like an email course). You choose which'll be better for your niche audience.

    Make sure that whatever you give them is of good value to them, or they'll unsubscribe from your list. Don't spam them either. Treat them right, and your list will give you the a high return.
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    thanks for the info - what exactly is a squeeze page?
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      Originally Posted by CanadaSEOguy View Post

      thanks for the info - what exactly is a squeeze page?
      A squeeze page is a page that only has two options...submit your email and continue or hit the back button.

      It's basically a page that collects emails, with or without a giveaway involved.

      Check out the link in my signature below. That's a squeeze page.
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        But if you have lot of information on your home page, then squeeze page is not a good idea. You have to go for an optin form at any part of your home page. ( probably at the right side corner of your home page ).
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    Thank you. It seems much more simple than I anticipated.

    Now to figure out to give away for free:

    1. Top 10 secrets of blah blah (free report)
    2. Top 10 mistakes made by blah blah
    3. Free mini course on blah blah
    4. Top 10 ways to generate new business/leads other than (my main business)

    Is there a preferred style of freebie that is better than another?

    How do you feel about having more than 1 email capture box that each target different visitor types? I was thinking of having 2?
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