KickStarter - Anyone got any working knowledge?

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You may think KickStarter is a shop window for tecchy LA-based geeks, but I've been looking into it for a few months now and I see what I suspect are a few Internet Marketers, using it to sell things like T-shirts and eBooks.

I'm considering submitting my own Philanthropic project on there in the near future, and wanted to know if any warriors have a working knowledge of Kickstarter.

Anyone used it to fund a genuine start-up, or even to make some easy loot?
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    Yeah Kick Starter is an awesome way to make money to do something. A buddy of mine has used Kick Starter to promote his new short movie he was making. He raised $5,000 and spent only $2,300 of it for the video. He pocketed the rest and started some IM ventures.
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      I've not used Kickstarter myself, but we do promote Kickstarter topically-relevant projects that we think our users might be interested in, so I have a pretty good idea for what works -- at least with our users (other types of users may be quite different). For example, we helped raise at least $25,000 for one project alone and lots more for others. Here are four things I've found that successful Kickstarters do. Obviously not all of them do all of them, but each of these can certainly help!
      1. Those who offer something of value in return for their support. For instance, if you're creating a video game/t-shirt/whatever that you're going to sell for $25, give them a copy of the item for a $25 contribution. Basically, you're using Kickstarter as a very low risk way to take pre-orders before actually moving to production
      2. Have a good story about what you're doing and why you're doing it. And why YOU are the person to do it. What makes what you're creating different from what everyone else is doing? For instance, if you're making a game, what's so special about your game? Is it on a topic that nobody has done before? Does it use a cool new technology never used before?
      3. If you can show your project is doing some social good, that will also help. Kickstarter isn't a donation platform, but people do like to give to projects they think will be bettering society in some way.
      4. Promotion is key. As with anything else you can't just slap up what you think is a good idea and expect people to come to you. Reach out to organizations, bloggers, news media, etc. that might be interested in your project and see if you can create a buzz around it. It can be a slow start, but once you get momentum things can really take off
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    @Kilgore - It's very social based and is actually a way for charities to profit from their associations with celebrities, sports teams, bands etc etc.
    So I'm hopeful of a good response. I just need to get the numbers sorted out.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. PP
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