3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Will Get You More Sales than Social Media

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1. Email Is the Most Personal Medium

Business people open Gmail or Outlook or whatever, and bang out an email. And this is done more than social Medias.
2. Email Gets Way More Attention per Customer than Anything Else

Very simply, you’re more likely to get face time with your prospects if you use email.
This isn’t necessarily because your customers spend more time with email than on Facebook or searching Google or whatever
3. Email Is a Transactional Medium

What I mean by this is simply that customers already expect to get offers by email, and to buy things through email.
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    Alright, consider this:
    The average ADULT gets 147 emails per day. How are you going to ensure your email gets opened?
    How are you going to prevent your subscriber from unsubscribing?

    You've listed some interesting information, but in this industry people feel they're being spammed left right and centre. Perhaps a more in-depth knowledge and willingness to study what prompts people to open and read their emails is needed.

    How do you propose you engage with your subscribers and build a relationship?
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    yes. social media is scattered and very few check their social networking accounts daily .
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